A Definitive Guide On Buying The Best Air Purifier For Pets – Purify Air From Pet Dander

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

Want the best air purifier for pets? Read this before buying.

Having a pet at home is one of the most rewarding experiences. Just because they shed, sometimes through the year, if not at all times, we don’t live a life without sharing it with a pet or two. Some of us like dogs, and some cats, and all of them have fur. This means that there is always going to be some amount of pet dander floating around the house. They also tend to add a few unpleasant odors at home.

While frequent ventilating can help remove these odors, pet dander is harder to eliminate. Moreover, family members may be prone to allergic reactions even as they love their pets. This is where an air purifier comes in handy. 

Keeping those families that love their furry friends in mind, we have done a lot of research and found that a few air purifiers are especially suited to homes with pets. They help people handle pet allergies with filters to remove as much pet dander as possible to provide some relief to those with allergies.

There are several air purifiers in the market today. But, it is not a simple matter of setting aside a portion of your budget and going shopping for one.

Choosing the right air purifier for pets is an important decision, and the only way to make the right choice is by doing some homework on your own. And, we are here to help you get the most value of your investment.

a) Placement of the air purifier

what to look for in pet air purifier

Air purifiers come in varying sizes. But, at a minimum, they require around 18 – 24 inches of clear space around them to be effective. Therefore, it is ideal to place the air purifier in the center of the room or where your pets have made their favorite areas to hang around.

The air purifier can trap the most number of airborne particles from the air before these particles, including pet hair and dander, can float to other areas of the house. Placing them in the right section of the room will also help reduce the other air contaminants to help with the indoor air.

b) Obstruction of airflow

By leaving a few inches around the air purifier, you also ensure that there is no obstruction to the airflow. The fresh air needs to be constantly recycled so as not to become stale because of blocked airflow. This is why you must not place the air purifier under a table or in a corner, especially if the unit has clean air coming from the top of the front and sides, respectively. 

c) Leave the air purifier on 24×7

Air purifiers can be run 24×7 without any fear of losing their efficiency. When you first install the machine and switch it on, it will work a little harder to remove all airborne particles that have accumulated inside the room over time. It includes dust and dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens.

Once those existing particles have been filtered out of the air, the air purifier will settle down to routine mode and continue to provide peak performance in maintaining the indoor air quality. By switching it off at any time, you are letting air pollutants back into the room, and they will build up again. Good air purifiers are energy efficient and don’t cost extra to run day and night.

d) Keep doors and windows closed.

One of the best tips to get maximum output from an efficient air purifier is to keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible. It will give your unit a chance to purify the air and recycle fresh air. Every now and again, you can open the windows a few inches to let outside airflow into the room to bring some freshness.

Now that we know how to get the most out of our air purifier for pets, we will discuss the benefits of using one in our pet-friendly homes.

4 Benefits of using an air purifier if you have pets?

Air purifiers for pets have multiple layers of filtration to remove air contaminants. An air purifier for pets works on two levels – it removes harmful dander that can cause allergies and takes care of the unpleasant odors that our pets leave behind. Fortunately, air purifiers are completely safe to use around pets. They also improve our pets’ health. 

Air purifiers help pets

Air purifiers prevent our pets from inhaling harmful air pollutants and other chemicals that are used in a household. Homes that use various sprays to remove odors are usually full of strong chemicals that can harm your pet in the long term.

Animals have a more acute sense of smell, and they are often sensitive to the deodorants and sprays that they inhale, even as we think it helps remove unpleasant smells. On the other hand, using air purifiers keeps the indoor air fresh without any need for chemicals-laden solutions.

Air purifiers remove odors

A household with pets always has a few odors that are unique to pets. Additionally, we also have odors from smoke, cooking, and room fresheners. Over time, our homes fill up with a mix of smells that settle into our carpets, rugs, furniture, and curtains. One of the benefits of using an air purifier is that it removes these odors making it easier to breathe in cleaner air.

Alleviates allergic reactions

Having pets around means that they will have pet dander and hair that spreads throughout the house. If you’re lucky, you will have no one in the family affected by allergies. But, that is not always the case. However much you may love your pet, you could still be prone to allergies and that is easily triggered by having pet dander around you. Air purifiers are the best solutions as they filter out the worst contaminants.

No need for chemicals

Chemicals cause the most harm to people and pets. Our cleaning solutions usually have a lot of chemicals and so do the air spray we use, believing that adding a new fragrance is a good way to keep our indoor air fresh.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Instead, it adds to the already existing odors and further brings in a few chemicals into the indoor air. With an air purifier acting as a deterrent for air contaminants, the need to use sprays is much reduced. Apart from the sprays, we already have a few toxins in the air that can also be removed with an air purifier.

These four benefits are by no means the only benefits you will enjoy if you bring in an air purifier into your home. Air purifiers help remove viruses, thereby reducing the chances of contracting colds or the flu. You will enjoy a healthier life in general and your pets will also benefit from living in a healthy and clean environment.

Which is the best pet air purifier in 2022?

Our test results show that the best air purifier for pets in 2022 is the Alen FLEX air purifier. It is found to be the best for capturing pet dander, dust, and other small airborne contaminants and their odors. They are sleek in design and can fit even small spaces. The Alen FLEX air purifier has a B4-pure filter to trap allergy triggers and a True HEPA filter with a medical grade of H13 that captures 99.99% of air particles of over 0.1 microns.

These HEPA filters also last longer than other filters. It can clean air quickly, and a 700 sq. ft. room can have cleaned air within 30 minutes. It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, kitchens, and even basements. The best part of it is that it has a sleep mode that turns the display light off. What’s more, it is energy efficient. It consumes 50 Watts on Turbo speed, and running it on a low setting will cost less than 50 cents per month.

Why should you trust us?

We don’t give our verdict without testing various similar air purifiers in the market. We conduct a comparative study, run tests, read reviews, and analyze other pros and cons in detail before giving our verdict. You can trust our recommendations and go through the shortlist of the seven best air purifiers for pets and make an informed choice.

It is always better to make an investment after learning as much as you can about a particular product. Therefore, read on and find out why we have made a list of the seven best systems in 2022 and bring in the best one you think will suit your unique needs.

Our List Of 7 Best Air Purifiers For Pets (July 2024)

After considerable research, we have made a list of air purifiers and have included the pros and cons of each system. You will find it easier to pick the one that suits your needs and your budget.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickAlen Flex Airpurifier Alen FLEX Air Purifier✦ Low Power Consumption
✦ Medical Grade H13 True HEPA layer 
✦ Pink Noise Frequency
Runner Upmedify air purifier Medify MA-40 Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter✦ Superior Quality
✦ Activated carbon filter
✦ Ultra Quiet
Germ Guardian Germ Guardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air Purifier ✦ Multiple Levels of Cleaning
✦ UV-C Fights Germs
✦ Reduces Odors
Hathaspace Air Purifier (1) HATHASPACE Smart Air Purifier ✦ 5-in-1 filter system
✦ Smart air purifier 
✦ Reduces Odour
levoit silver LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Large Bedroom✦ High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter 
✦ Perfect for Pet Parents
✦ Pet Lock
Blueair Airpurifier Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto Small Room Air Purifier ✦ Intuitive Auto mode
✦ Combination filter
✦ Five pre-filter color  
Invisiclean Air Purifier InvisiClean Aura II Air Purifier ✦ Complete Filtration & Germ Disinfection 
✦ Energy Saving 
✦ Whisper Quiet & Effective 

Alen FLEX Air Purifier – The winner

The Alen FLEX air purifier is a robust machine that was developed by NASA airflow engineers. It can cover large rooms that measure up to 700 square feet in as little as 30 minutes. This air purifier combines power and efficiency to deliver great cleaning results for larger households that accommodate pets. It has a medical grade H13 HEPA filter in addition to a standard filter.

The high-quality filter is more than capable of trapping pet dander and hair and will also last longer than regular filters. Since the advanced HEPA filter can trap particles as small as 0.1 microns, pet odor and bad smells are significantly reduced as well. The Alen FLEX is power efficient and will cost you an additional fifty cents per month only if used on the lowest settings. 

The Alen FLEX comes in several colors to match your household decor and is capable of covering large areas. This makes it easier to let your pets enjoy good air quality wherever they may be in the house. 

Alen Breathe Purifier

Things we liked:

  1. High-quality filter that is long-lasting
  2. Covers larger rooms of up to 700 sq. ft
  3. Traps micro-particles to eliminate pet dander and smell.
  4. CARB certified.
  5. Customizable colors.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. None

Medify MA-40 Air Purifier – Runner-up of 2022

Medify’s MA-40 is an elegant rectangular air purifier that is capable of covering large areas of up to 840 square feet. It has a CADR rating of 380 which means that it is well suited for large households with multiple family members, including pets. This air purifier uses an H13 HEPA filter that is capable of trapping particles as small as 0.1 micros. Pet hair, dander, and even odor are eliminated due to the high-quality filter used in the MA-40. 

Medify enhances user experience by adding useful features to the MA-40, like touch screen operation that includes automatic settings for timers and fan speeds as well as a useful child and pet lock. The MA-40 is CARB and Energy Star certified, which ensures high build quality. Medify even offers a lifetime warranty if you use genuine filter replacements. The ease of use combined with the durability of this machine makes Medify’s MA-40 a great air purifier to use in households with pets.

medify air purifier

Things we liked:

  1. Unique rectangular form for easy placement.
  2. Covers large areas up to 840 square feet
  3. High quality H13 HEPA filter
  4. Convenient touch panel operation with pet lock.
  5. CARB and Energy Star certified.
  6. Lifetime warranty if filter replacements are with genuine parts

Things we didn’t like:

  1. No washable pre-filter.
  2. Louder than competitive air purifiers.

GermGuardian AC4825 – Budget-friendly

GermGuardian’s AC4825 is an air purifier in tower form that packs several useful technologies within. It uses a three-in-one filtration system with a pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filter. This combination can trap pet hair and dander with increased efficiency of trapping pet odor and bad smells. The AC4825 also has a UV-C light that can kill germs. This is extremely useful for reducing the chances of your family members and pets contracting viruses and falling sick. 

GermGuardian’s AC4825 air purifier can cover areas as large as 371 square feet with two air changes per hour. This is less than other powerful air purifiers, but this purifier is also a fraction of the cost. This purifier will cost you around 75 dollars, making it tremendous value for money. 

Germ Guardian main

Things we liked:

  1. 3 stage filtration to remove a majority of airborne contaminants.
  2. Additional UV-C light to kill germs.
  3. Very affordable with great value for money.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. Outdated design aesthetics.

HATHASPACE HSP001 Smart Air Purifier

HATHASPACE’s HSP001 is a powerful machine that combines an ionizer with multiple HEPA and activated carbon filters to offer a five-stage filtration process. The end result is safe and clean air for your family members and pets. The HSP001 can cover areas as large as 700 square feet, making it ideal for use in larger households with multiple inhabitants.

The unique honeycomb pattern activated carbon filter in combination with the ionizer means that pet smells and foul odors are no match to this air purifier’s capabilities. 

HATHASPACE enhances the user experience by incorporating several useful smart features like automatic modes, real-time air quality tracking, and automatic settings to ensure that the air purifier performs at peak efficiency in various conditions. 

Hathaspace airpurifier

Things we liked:

  1. Powerful with the capability to cover large areas.
  2. 5-stage filtration with pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filters and ionizer.
  3. User-friendly smart features like air quality tracking, timers, and automated settings.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. No app control to leverage smart features.
  2. Lack of industry-standard certification.

LEVOIT Core P350

LEVOIT’s Core P350 air purifier is a beautiful cylindrical device that has a 360-degree air intake. It has a high-efficiency activated carbon filter to completely eliminate smells from litter and other residues your pets may leave behind. It also has a high-quality H13 HEPA filter to trap pet hair, dander, and other airborne contaminants as small as 0.1 microns in size.

Along with a pre-filter, this three-stage filtration process is sure to leave your household smelling great and feeling clean. It can also cover an area of up to 438 square feet with two air changes per hour with the efficiency to cover 219 square feet in just 12 minutes.  

The Core P350 has user-friendly features, including a pet lock and sleep mode, so your pets are not disturbed by its operation. This air purifier also has the good build quality and is CARB certified. The convenient size and ease of operation make this purifier a great choice for pet owners.

levoit silver air purifier

Things we liked:

  1. 3 stage filtration system with pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filters.
  2. Compact, portable, and efficient.
  3. 360-degree air intake and CADR rating of 240 m3/h.
  4. Quiet at 24 decibels, energy-efficient, and user-friendly.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. The pre-filter is attached and non-washable.
  2. Cannot efficiently cover areas larger than 500 square feet.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 air purifier

Blueair’s Blue Pure 411 was designed with Scandinavian aesthetics and has an attractive modern look that you can customize with differently colored pre-filters. The cylindrical form has a three-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, HEPA, and activated carbon filter. This system is capable of removing 99.9% of common airborne contaminants and will work on residue left by your pets, whether it is pet hair and dander or foul odor. It can cover areas up to 219 square feet, which makes it ideal for use in small rooms like bedrooms or study. 

The Blue Pure 411 is portable and easily placed with several useful features. Particle sensors track air quality in real-time and automatically adjust settings to ensure that you and your pets will consistently have good indoor air quality no matter what the external circumstances are. The air purifier is energy efficient and operates quietly, which further increases ease of use. All of these features make the Blue Pure 411 a good choice for pet owners.

Blueair air purifier with filter

Things we liked:

  1. Compact and powerful.
  2. Easy placement and user-friendly features.
  3. Attractive and modern aesthetics
  4. AHAM verified.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. No timers or remote control.
  2. Colored pre-filters are sold separately.

InvisiClean Aura 2 Air Purifier

InvisiClean’s Aura 2 air purifier combines several purification technologies in one capable machine. It has a high-quality H13 HEPA filter along with an activated carbon filter as well as an optional ionizer and UV-C light. All of these in tandem means that all common airborne contaminants are eliminated in your household. It can cover large areas up to 319 square feet with four air changes per hour. 

The Aura 2 uses a cutting-edge DC motor with low EMF radiation which is capable of delivering twice the amount of airport with up to 80% less electricity used. The build quality is sturdy with CARB certification and a CADR rating of 170 cfm. Its cleaning capabilities mean that it can provide clean and safe air for your pets, eliminate pet residue and smells, and get rid of bacteria and viruses that may cause them to get sick. InvisiClean packs a lot of cleaning features into a single device that will work well in a household with pets.

Invisiclean front

Things we liked:

  1. Powerful cleaning capabilities while being energy efficient.
  2. High-quality filters with additional ionizer and UV-C light.
  3. Covers large spaces
  4. Easy to install and operate.
  5. CARB certified.

Things we didn’t like:

  1. Small amounts of ozone production.
  2. Noisier than competitors.

Factors to keep in mind before buying a pet air purifier

pet air cleaner chart

Pets are lovable companions and can be your best friend, but are also prone to shedding and leaving behind all kinds of residue. Air purification may not seem like the obvious solution to this problem but can be incredibly useful in limiting common problems associated with owning pets.

A vast majority of pets’ residue is airborne particles, whether it’s shedding fur, pet hair, and dander, or even bad odors left behind by litter and waste. A good air purifier is able to trap these airborne particles, which significantly reduces common problems like pet dander and bad odor. If you are thinking of getting an air purifier for your pets, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

The size of your room

The first point to consider is the size of your rooms and household. Pets are usually prone to wander around your house. Air purifiers are usually designed to work in isolated systems with closed doors and windows. For households with pets, you need a more powerful air purifier to cover larger areas like living rooms and hallways which your pet inhabits.

When you purchase a new air purifier, ensure it is capable of covering the area you need. One way to do this is to measure your area in square feet and ensure that your air purifier’s CADR rating matches the air delivery rate you need for your household.

Types of particles and filter technology

Air purifiers utilize different technologies with different technologies. The most common and industry-standard technology are HEPA filters that are capable of trapping airborne particles, usually up to 0.3 microns in size. While this is more than sufficient for trapping hair and dander that can be as large as 5 microns, the particles in bad odor are a lot smaller. Activated carbon filters have millions of tiny open pores that are much more efficient in trapping smaller odor particles but not as effective at trapping other types of airborne contaminants.

HEPA and activated carbon filters are often used together to ensure the most efficient air cleaning possible that caters to different types of particles found in your air. When purchasing an air purifier for pets, ensure that your air purifier can cover the different types of airborne particles left by your pet.

Avoid ozone-producing products.

Certain types of air purifiers produce ozone as a byproduct of air purification. Ozone is a hazardous substance that can have long-lasting health implications if your pets are exposed to it. Technology is getting better, and the amount of ozone produced is usually not high enough to cause harm. Due to the danger of ozone exposure and how even very small amounts of ozone can harm your pet, it is safer to avoid ozone-producing products for use in households with pets.

Leverage features you need for better air quality.

Air purifier manufacturers include several user-friendly features in their devices. As a pet owner, it is beneficial to take advantage of features that benefit you and your pets. For example, you can look for air purifiers that operate at low volumes, so they do not intimidate or distract your pets. You can also find air purifiers with pet locks, so settings are not disturbed if your pets interact with the device. Purchasing an air purifier with pet-friendly features will go a long way in improving your experience with your air purifier.

Learn how to reduce dust and pet hair at home

how to clean dust and pet hair

Did you know that you can reduce dust, pet hair, and dander from your home by practicing a few basic steps?

Air purifiers are a good way to reduce dust and pet hair in your household. However, there are also other methods to tackle the same problem. These are a few ways you can reduce dust and pet hair at home.

Keep pets groomed

The first way to reduce pet hair is to groom your pet regularly. Pets shed hair over time as part of their natural cycle. By grooming your pet frequently in the same area, you are preventing pet hair from being spread all over the house.

Pet hair is airborne and can float. It is better to start cleaning from the top and work your way towards the bottom so you can reduce the amount of hair that floats off as you are cleaning. 

Use vacuum cleaners

One of the reasons why vacuum cleaners have become so popular is that they can efficiently remove dust and pet hair from all surfaces and corners, including furniture. Vacuum cleaners suck the dust and the pet hair, and other airborne particles in the process. The suction power of a unit is a factor to consider as some vacuum cleaners do a better job than others. It will help to find out if the vacuum cleaner you use is the right one for pet hair, too, as they come with a specially designed brush to draw pet hair into their unit. 

Since pet hair is airborne, it is more effective to vacuum slowly and deliberately. The vacuum cleaner can create airflow that distributes more pet hair than actually cleaning it. Using low settings and slow motions is more effective when vacuuming pet hair.

Clean in 360 degrees so you can vacuum pet hair that wasn’t cleaned the first time. Work your way in multiple directions to pick up more hair and agitate stuck hair that you can get on your next pass.

Window squeegees

For hair that is stuck to surfaces, you can use a window squeegee to pick it up from hard-to-reach places. Even if you use your vacuum cleaner regularly, there are areas that it will miss, like the windows and their frames. Particular window squeegees can come to the rescue on such occasions. The rubber attached to these squeegees will help loosen the more stubborn layer, and you can pick up the clumps more easily. 

Damp rubber gloves

The science behind using rubber gloves is that it causes friction between the surface and the gloves to produce static energy. When rubbing the surface of a carpet or your upholstered furniture, the debris from pets will attach itself to the dampened rubber gloves, and the rubber surface of the gloves makes it easier to wash the debris off. You can also cover larger areas using rubber gloves.

Roll of tape can pick up pet hair

If you have neither a vacuum cleaner nor rubber gloves, a roll of tape will do the trick. It is the cheapest solution to pick up pet hair. All you need to do is to place the tape on surfaces with the sticky side facing down, and it will pick up dust, pet hair, and any other dirt from the surface. Some people roll the tape around their hands and wipe the surface, and then peel off the tape from their hands to discard the used tape. The same strip of tape can be used a few times before changing to a new strip because it can handle a few swipes before becoming used up.

Use anti-static spray

Sometimes, pet hair gets stuck to expensive or antique furniture. You can use a soft cloth and some anti-static spray to clean such surfaces. Spray a little on one section, wipe it with cloth and move on to the rest of the surfaces. After cleaning, the anti-static spray will ensure that the pet hair does not reattach itself to the same area. On carpets and upholstery, the pet hair will come up from below the surface and can be vacuumed away.

These are a few simple tips you can follow to reduce dust and pet hair in your home.

Our Verdict

Our verdict is the Alen FLEX air purifier with a B4-pure filter to trap allergy triggers and a True HEPA filter with a medical grade of H13 that captures 99.99% of air particles of over 0.1 microns. These HEPA filters also last longer than other filters. It cleans air quickly, and a 700 sq. ft. room can have cleaned air within 30 minutes. It is the ideal air purifier for any room in the house. We arrived at this verdict as it is the most energy-efficient as it consumes only 50 Watts even at Turbo speed. 

FAQ Section

1. Does air purifier remove pet hair?

Air purifiers can help remove pet hair if placed in the right area. These units must be kept in the center of the room or in an area most frequented by your pets. The HEPA filter and other filters can trap pet hair and dander as easily as they trap dust and dust mites. 

2. Are ozone air purifiers safe for pets?

Ozone generating air purifiers are harmful to pets and people over time. While air purifiers may produce very little ozone at one time, it can become unhealthy as it continues to generate ozone with regular use. Therefore, ozone air purifiers are not recommended over other non-ozone generating systems.

3. Do air purifiers help pets with asthma?

Air purifiers are useful in controlling indoor air quality. It means that they can relieve us from asthma triggers. Generally, pet hair and dust are triggers for asthma attacks. Anyone in the household prone to allergy attacks will be more susceptible to these triggers. This includes pets with respiratory difficulties. A good air purifier can capture 99.99% of airborne contaminants and can keep your pets and other family members safe from any allergies, or at least reduce the effect of contaminated air.

4. How do you keep your house clean with a dog that sheds?

You can keep your house clean by adopting a few basic measures, such as keeping your dog regularly groomed. It is inevitable that your dog will shed cyclically, and the surfaces of your home will have a residual layer of dog hair, making it difficult to have a clean house. Apart from regular grooming, you can wipe dust and grime away from all surfaces by either using a cloth or a vacuum cleaner. But, the easiest way of all would be to use an air purifier that will take care of most of the pet hair and all other air pollutants.

5. What is the best air purifier if you have cats?

If you have cats, the best air purifier would be the same one that you use if you have dogs. An air purifier that works on dogs will work on cats, too. The idea is that air purifiers capture pet hair or fur, and dander, cleaning indoor air efficiently. The Alen FLEX air purifier has a B4-pure filter to trap allergy triggers and a True HEPA filter with a medical-grade of H13 to trap 99.99% of air particles.

6. Will getting an air purifier help with pet urine smell?

Some air purifiers are designed to remove all types of unpleasant odors from the house. However, expecting that 100% of odors, including urine, may be unrealistic. Regular ventilating of the house and keeping pet litter clean are essential to containing urine smells at home. 

Final Words:

As you can see, there is clearly no reason to deprive yourself of pets because of their shedding or odors. If you want to add a furry member to your family and still keep your home free of dust, pet dander, and other allergy-causing elements, you can choose the best air purifier for pets.

Air purifiers are proven to be most effective for humans and pets as they help control the indoor environment by improving indoor air quality.


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