Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier Reviews

3 Key Takeaways:

🚀 The Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier is one of the most energy-efficient residential units on the market.

🚀The Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier has a water removal capacity of 110 pints/day or 13.75 gallons/day and is suitable for basements up to 2,500-2,900 square feet.

🚀 The Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier offers optional duct kits and condensate pumps for greater flexibility in installation.

Handling excess moisture content and high humidity levels in any space is not easy. It takes expertise to be able to extract excess moisture content from any area. The Santa Ee Classic dehumidifier is one of the best units that are available in the market that can tackle humidity problems with ease. Whether it involves water removal from a room or keeping basements away from mold spores, this high capacity and high-efficiency dehumidifier are one the best options to resort to.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the features that support Santa Fe in lowering humidity levels and the specifically designed features that make this better than the other conventional dehumidifiers and other models. With that said, let us get started!


The efficiency requirements for any high-capacity dehumidifier will be greater than other conventional dehumidifiers. For this reason, the Santa Fe classic dehumidifier has been specifically designed to deliver superior level dehumidification. The features that ensure Santa Fe Classic continues to protect basement areas or rooms are as follows.

High capacity

The high-capacity moisture extraction of the Santa Fe classic dehumidifier is perfect for large areas. Basements, office spaces, and whole house dehumidification can be handled effortlessly with this unit. This unit can carry out water removal of up to 110 pints every 24 hours. Its ability to cover an area of up to 2700 sq ft makes this dehumidifier a suitable choice for superior air filtration and superior level dehumidification.

It must be noted that the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier is one of the best residential dehumidifiers with this capacity. Although there are many conventional dehumidifiers available in the market, this unit moves air filled with excess water content in and out of its unit seamlessly for high-capacity dehumidification. This superior level of performance makes this 2 to 3 times more powerful than any small conventional unit available in the market.

Low-temperature operation engineered

Low-temperature operation engineered

Since this unit has been highly recommended for the basement area and places these air flow issues, it is expected to encounter low-temperature fluctuations as well. Although the Santa Fe classic dehumidifier is not a low-temperature operation-engineered design, it is built with the efficiency requirements to work at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Basements and rooms that run to 55 degrees Fahrenheit will still benefit from the superior level of dehumidification delivered from this unit.

Prevents mold growth

When lowering humidity levels is taken care of, you can be assured that the place is kept free from mold spores and mold growth. The Santa Fe Classic continues to protect homes and basements from the hazards of excess dampness. Mildew, mold spores, musty odor from mold growth, etc., can be kept away by simply investing in the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier.

Water draining

Water removal from the unit can be carried out with the removable water collection tank or via the continuous drainage method. The condensate pump of the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier can be connected to any outlet option that is convenient for discharge. Customers also have the choice to purchase an additional condensate pump (that is available at an additional cost).

Superior air filtration

The Santa Fe advance working delivers superior air filtration at all times. The specifically designed flow-down design of the MERV-11 air filter is excellent in capturing particles that are invisible to the naked eye. You can be assured of keeping the unit free from air flow issues while still capturing particles sized between 1 and 3 microns that can be in excess in places of high humidity. This peak efficiency and superior air filtration of the Santa Fe Classic continue to protect the home from allergens that pollute the air, better than any small conventional unit or even any other models of conventional dehumidifiers.

Energy star

Energy star

The added advantage of investing in the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier over any other small conventional unit or conventional dehumidifier is its energy-efficient operation. Peak efficiency in energy factor is crucial for electrical appliances, especially those that deal with temperature fluctuations. Therefore, the energy star certification of the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier helps to keep the energy bills of your home under control. You can rest assured that your energy bills will not wreck your pocket due to the excellent energy factor and energy star-certified humidity control, despite removing 50% more moisture than any conventional dehumidifier. sellers might have provision to extend your warranty period. You can reach out to customer care for confirmation of the same during the product registration.

Easy maintenance and installation

Maintaining the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier is simple. When dehumidifiers have stopped removing water from moist air, it takes time and resources to get it resolved. Owing to the user-friendly and simple design, the unit can be maintained with ease. To keep up with superior air filtration, the air filter must be deep cleaned regularly and replaced once every 6 to 12 months. A consistent cleaning routine will keep the air filter working seamlessly and the air free from allergens.

The simple installation of this unit makes it extremely easy to commence dehumidification. You just have to remove the unit from the box, attach the hose to the drain outlet and plug the unit into the power source and turn On the device.


The caster wheels offer the portability of this 110-pint dehumidifier effortlessly. The sturdy design of the unit and the intuitive manual controls are other positives of the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier. It is important to note that the Santa Fe Classic continues to protect the air quality indoors with peak efficiency by making way for even ducted operation. Ducting operations for enhanced air circulation and air filtration across several rooms are also possible with the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier.


The in-built adjustable humidistat is perfect to maintain the indoor relative humidity levels to suit one’s comfort across the 2,700 sq ft. The humidity levels can be set between 20% to 80% relative humidity levels.

Auto restart and Auto Defrost

The auto restart and auto defrost options are one of the best in Santa Fe dehumidifiers. With the auto restart, the Santa Fe advance working can pick off where it stopped before a power outage. Even after a power outage, this dehumidifier can automatically restart with the original setting and water removal. Peak efficiency in dehumidification with auto restart is an advantageous feature in comparison to any small conventional unit that must be manually restarted and cannot automatically restart.

The auto defrost feature is yet another boon when compared to any other unit that does not possess this feature. With the auto defrost function, frozen condenser coils can automatically de-freeze the coils. Frozen coils will tamper with the dehumidification process of the unit.


  • High-efficiency dehumidification with moisture extraction from humid basements and homes.
  • Capacity to extra up to 110 pints of moisture per day from an area of up to 2,700 sq ft area.
  • The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier is portable with its caster wheels.
  • The unit moves air that is dry and free from moisture, mold spores, mildew, and other allergens.
  • Comes with the facility to be ducted across other rooms for seamless dehumidification with peak efficiency.
  • Water removal from the unit can be carried out manually or with the external condensate pump.
  • Supreme energy-efficient dehumidification.
  • The Santa Fe Classic unit can automatically restart to the original setting after a power outage.
  • Auto defrost feature that keeps the coils safe from freezing at low-temperature operation.
  • Specifically designed with an in-built humidistat that can be adjusted between 20% to 80% relative humidity levels.
  • The silent operation of the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier will provide undisturbed operation. This makes it an ideal choice for any other unit for workspaces and bedrooms.
  • Simple and user-friendly controls where the fan operation can be controlled with a single switch.
  • Superior level dehumidification and superior air filtration with the MERV 11 air filter.
  • Free shipping of the dehumidifier is available.

Purchase the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier at the best price to enjoy seamless and high-efficiency dehumidification across a 2,700 sq ft area with 110 pints moisture extraction. Invest in this unit after having read all the available Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier reviews to have a thorough understanding of the unit.

FAQ Section

1. Who makes Santa Fe dehumidifiers??

The Santa Fe dehumidifiers are made in the USA. Santa Fe comes under the product line Therma Stor. They have a good reputation for manufacturing high-efficiency devices that are long-lasting and durable.

2. How to install a replacement filter in a Santa Fe?

Installing the replacement air filter in Santa Fe dehumidifiers is easy. You just have to lift the front panel, press the clip-on to remove the old filter, and replace them with the new ones. You can always head back to the user manual or to customer support for any assistance with the process.

3. How much energy does a Santa Fe dehumidifier use?

Being an energy star certified dehumidifier, you can be confident of the energy-efficient operation of this unit. The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier has an energy factor of 2.65 L/kWh and a power requirement of 6.4 Amps/115 Volts/720 Watts. This level of power consumption is highly energy efficient when compared to other conventional dehumidifiers that do not have an energy star certification.

4. How does a Santa Fe dehumidifier work?

A Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier is specifically designed to take in moisture-filled humid air from the room, pass the moist air over its condensing coils where the excess moisture content is removed from the air and turned into water vapor and collected as water via the process of condensation, and the water is collected in the tank or reservoir. The dry air is circulated back into the room.

Along with the dehumidification process, the air filtration process also takes place where the allergens, mold spores, and other contaminants from the humid air are removed. In this manner, the desired humidity level of the room or basement is able to be maintained.

5. How loud is Santa Fe dehumidifier?

The noise generated from Santa Fe Classic dehumidifiers is minimal in comparison to other models that do not offer low-noise functioning. This Santa Fe Classic model generates up to 62 dB during operation. This noise level is on a low scale, keeping away disturbances to any daily routine.

6. Where to find Santa Fe classic dehumidifier manual?

The user manual for the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier will be provided inside the box during the purchase of the unit. You can also find the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier manual on the company’s home website and other review websites of the unit.

7. Where can you buy Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier Parts?

Additional parts for the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier can be purchased from the home website or from the best online sellers like Sylvane and Amazon.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on the article. We trust the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier review was able to provide you with sufficient knowledge about the functioning and advantages of investing in this device. The Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier is one of the best ways to ensure that your home is protected from excess humidity and its side effects. Keep your home or basement away from musty odor, dampness, mold growth, mold spores, mildew, wood rot, and indoor air allergies with the peak efficiency of the Santa Fe Classic dehumidifier.

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