A Definitive Guide For Buying The Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Last updated on: May 1, 2022.

High humidity is a constant battle that happens in many homes. Homeowners are always in need of ways to protect their homes from fungal growth, mildew and mold growth, dust mites, different types of allergens, dampness, poor air quality, and more. A home that is filled with a high moisture level is an open door to various problems that come with it. Thankfully, we have help with the wonder appliance- dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifiers are excellent devices that have a unit that is equipped to bring about moisture removal. The rate at which a dehumidifier unit can help to bring down moisture levels from the air is surprising. When you have control over the moisture level that exists in a room, you would be able to reduce the relative humidity levels and thereby protect the home.

The latest innovative dehumidifier systems are offering ways to not just keep your home safe, but to also provide your living space with sensible ways to house a large appliance like dehumidifiers- Wall mounted dehumidifiers! Be it a least visited basement or a small bedroom; you can look into investing in a wall-mounted dehumidifier to witness many boons.

Here we have the list of the top 3 Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers in the market. Let us learn more about these products, different brands of wall-mounted dehumidifiers, their pros and cons, and the many ways in which wall-mounted dehumidifiers can help your living space.

What is an In-Wall Dehumidifier

An In-Wall dehumidifier is otherwise known as a built-in whole house dehumidifier or a wall-mounted dehumidifier. Mounting an appliance on the wall isn’t new. We have all seen air conditioners and how perfectly we can put a device on the wall to use. The same holds for an in-wall dehumidifier.
As suspicious as this may sound, when you want to mount an appliance into a wall in a space that is filled with moisture; you have to trust this device. Wall-mounted dehumidifiers come with a large pint capacity. They are built with a unit to cover a large square feet area.

Is your home requires space regulation and you cannot compromise on moisture removal? If so, a wall-mounted dehumidifier might be the perfect product to put to use. If your home is in dire need of regulating high humidity levels and moisture removal from its walls, you can consult with a certified company, visit different brands of dehumidifiers, and go in for the best wall-mounted dehumidifier to get the job done (while still saving space).

What problems can an In-Wall Dehumidifier solve for you

perfect humidity

We are all familiar with the benefits of having dehumidifiers starting right from maintaining the relative humidity level to improving air quality. Well, with wall-mounted dehumidifiers, the pros only keep adding further. Let us look at some of the reasons why we think an in-wall dehumidifier system is what your home could use.

1. Save space

An appliance with the perfect design to help you with humidity control, covering over a large square feet area, while still saving you space. Well, who would say NO to that? The best wall-mounted dehumidifiers are sought after for the main reason of the amount of space they can save, especially in smaller homes.

2. Wire clutter

If there is a need to keep away the cutter, wall-mounted dehumidifiers are the best option. When you have an appliance on the floor, there is a lot of clutter from the electrical source or plumbing source. With a wall-mounted unit, you will have the extra space to use plus meet the need to keep the area clutter-free.

3. Passive drainage

Unlike portable dehumidifiers that have a water tank reservoir that has to be emptied manually or via a hose, in-wall dehumidifiers offer a continuous drainage design. You can use a drain hose to run from the unit to a sump pump that will help you with draining the collected water.

4. Child safe

The regular standalone dehumidifiers can only be kept ‘away’ or cornered off from a child’s reach, but it is not completely away. When you mount dehumidifiers into walls the device is totally out of the way. The bottom line is this is one of the best ideas to really keep electrical products away from children.

5. Less noise level

Mounting dehumidifiers into the wall will significantly reduce the amount of noise level these appliances produce. To have minimal noise level in your space, be it the bedroom or the basement; you can ensure you have a silent operation with a mounted dehumidifier.

Top 3 Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers Reviews (May 2022)

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickUltra Aire In Wall Dehumidifier Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier✦ 4 Years Warranty
✦ Effective Dehumidification
✦ Works at Low Temperature
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Runner UpIW 25 In Wall Dehumidifier Innovative Dehumidifier Systems✦ Continuous Drainage
✦ 5 Year Free Warranty
✦ Removes 29 pints/day
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Budget PickEbac In Wall Dehumidifier Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier✦ Superior Air Filtration
✦ Quiet
✦ Low Temperature Operation
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1. Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier

Ultra Aire In Wall Dehumidifier (Top)

Are you looking for in-wall dehumidifier systems for multi-family housing? The Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier can conveniently cover an area of up to 1,200 sq ft, with a capacity to remove 33 pints of moisture per day from the site.

This dehumidifier has an electronic humidistat that can be set to the desired humidity level. The device takes in the air from the front panel. This model is a convenient design for excess moisture extraction from the air in single-family homes, apartments, student housing, hotels, etc.

The device can be fit into two wall studs, with an opening of 14.5 inches across and 30.25 inches tall. It is excellent to work in areas between 49 and 95 degrees F. You can be assured to receive 4.25 pints of moisture removal per kWh. Other advantages of this dehumidifier include auto-restart after a power interruption, sleek control panel, and a built made to unified ETL, UL, and CSA standards.

For draining choices you have a 10-foot long drain hose included with the dehumidifier, that has to be connected into the drain port,  routed down the internal wall cavity to an HVAC AHU drain. You could either do it via gravity or with an external condensate pump. If you are in need of models with low noise levels, this one can be perfect for your home with its 46 decibels of noise generation. This spectrum has sound levels close to that of a refrigerator or an air conditioner. This dehumidifier is one of the best products that come with a 4-year warranty. Its sturdy build and galvanized steel cabinet provide you with the assurance that they will last for years together without rusting.

Pros and Cons of Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier:

✦ Easy to install design
✦ Compact and convenient design for 33-pint dehumidifier
✦ Offers to cover an area of 1,200 square feet
✦ Powerful unit with 4.2-pint capacity moisture removal per kWh
✦ Minimal noise level generation
✦ A good quality air filter that can trap allergens and other items in the air that are detrimental to health
✦ Auto-restart feature after power interruption
✦ 4-year warranty on the product
✦ This model is not energy star certified

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2. Innovative Dehumidifier Systems IW25-4 IN Wall ENERGY STAR® Dehumidifier

IW 25 In Wall

Humidity control in the home with the Innovative Dehumidifier Systems IW25-4 is simple and easy. This 29.5-pint dehumidifier is exactly what your home needs if you have humidity removal for a 1500 sq ft area with convenience and ease using a wall-mounted dehumidifier on your mind.

The IW25-4 dehumidifier can be installed directly onto the interior wall. With its power unit, you can use moisture extraction from the air at AHAM (80°F/60% R.H.). The water or moisture removed from the air can be drained directly into existing plumbing.

This unit also hosts advanced Bi-polar ionization technology. This means the Innovative Dehumidifier Systems IW25-4 design will meet the need of your home to mitigate bacterial and viral spread while carrying out dehumidification from the air.

Many reviews rate IW25-4 dehumidifier as one among the best units due to the minimal sound levels a living space has to deal with, despite the powerful humidity control and effective mold growth prevention extending up to an area of 1500 sq ft. The unit operates at 45dBA which is silent; without disrupting the comfort of your home.

Apart from energy efficiency, this best wall-mounted dehumidifier design also comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor. The IW25-4 dehumidifier unit has specialized aluminum microchannel coils to protect the strength and longevity of the system.

Pros and cons of Innovative Dehumidifier Systems IW25-4 IN Wall

✦ IW25-4 dehumidifier unit can cover an area of 1500 sq ft effortlessly
✦ Powerful humidity control
✦ Seamless and hand-free dehumidification system
✦ Easy installation process
✦ Compact design
✦ Low sound levels
✦ Improved air quality with the Bi-polar ionization technology
✦ 5-year warranty on parts and labor
✦ Reviews reveal that the performance of the device can be improved for the cost

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3. Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier

Ebac wall mounted dehumidifier

Finally, on the list of products, we have Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier. If you are dealing with a wet environment, you can certainly use the highly efficient moisture extraction from this best wall-mounted dehumidifier. This unit has an 87-pint capacity to remove excess moisture from the air around you and from your living space.

The special features that come with this dehumidifier include a washable air filter (two in number and removable), an internal condensate pump, low-temperature capability, two powerful fan speeds, and more. The unit design is streamlined, compact, sturdy, and a user-friendly control panel. The high performance that you get from this design also makes it a contemporary dehumidifier. It is indeed a convenient and industrial design for places where decor and wall color can be important to pay heed to. Swimming pools, spas, museums, schools, fitness rooms, etc., are a few of the places that may find the need to encourage a dehumidifier unit with contemporary design choices.

Pros and cons of Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier:

✦ Excellent performance from a large pint dehumidifier unit
✦ Seamless air filtration
✦ Perfect design for swimming pools
✦ Energy efficiency
✦ Low noise level generation
✦ Drain hose not included with the product
✦ Does not have an auto restart feature

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Factors to consider before choosing the best in-wall dehumidifier

★ The humidity level of the living space
★ Dampness in the area at all times and the moisture extraction the room requires
★ Square feet area of the room
★ Size of the wall and wall color hoping to install the unit onto
★ Research on the different brands available in the market and the features you could use for your home

Our Verdict

Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier: Ultra-Aire In-Wall Dehumidifier

Reviews from customers around the world place this dehumidifier unit as the best in-wall design. The pros that make this model the best includes:

1. Auto-restart feature after power interruption
2. Ability to carry out humidity regulation over a large square feet area (up to 1,200 square feet)
3. 4-year warranty on the product
4. Convenient for student housing, single-family homes, etc.

Budget Pick: Ebac AD850E Dehumidifier

The next best design from the reviews of trusted customers names Ebac AD850E as the best wall-mounted unit. Its highlighted features include

1. Contemporary design that is perfect for swimming pool areas, museums, schools, etc.
2. The low noise level during operation
3. The seamless air filtration process

FAQ Section

1. Does it matter where you place a dehumidifier?

Yes, it does. The area in most need of dehumidification will determine where the device has to be placed. Basement, crawl spaces, bathrooms, laundry room, etc.; are areas that are constantly damp. They battle humidity at all times and will determine the type of unit you need.

2. Will a dehumidifier stop condensation on walls?

Yes. Even an in-wall dehumidifier can help to remove humidity and condensation from walls.

3. How much to build an indoor swimming pool?

The exact cost to build an indoor pool will vary across each home; depending on the size of the pool, infrastructure, and the materials used. The cost range is found to be from $15000 up to $200 000.

4. Where can you install a wall-mounted dehumidifier?

A professional or expert can help you identify the wall that you must go on, based on the humid air in the environment and the wall position in the home, proximity to the plumbing source, etc.

Final Words:

Many articles speak about on-wall-mounted appliances, like an air conditioner or television. Hope you found this article on the Best Wall Mounted Dehumidifier helpful. Be it the damp basement or wet crawl spaces, you can make use of these wonder appliances to keep your home dry and free from mold growth.

Do you have a wall-mounted dehumidifier at home?

Share with us your experience with the different brands in the feedback form.


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