Can you mount a dehumidifier on a wall?

3 Key Takeaways:

🚀 Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are an innovative solution to tackle humidity problems and maintain ideal indoor humidity levels, even in small spaces.

🚀 Wall mounting a dehumidifier is simple and requires nothing but the perfect space and two wall studs.

🚀 Along with extracting excess moisture from the damp air, a wall-mounted dehumidifier will also improve indoor air quality, keep away dust mites, prevent mold growth, and more.

Every home encounters trouble that arises from humid air and humidity issues at some point in time. Finding the best way to remove excess moisture and remove humidity inside the home, and maintain the desired humidity level is quite a task. However, thanks to technology that helps in tackling humidity problems and maintaining the ideal indoor humidity levels even in small spaces become easy- wall mounted dehumidifiers.

With a wall mounted dehumidifier stop condensation effortlessly. Having a wall unit not just saves floor space but an in-wall dehumidifier can also be efficient in maintaining the ideal relative humidity level. In this article we will look briefly into what wall mounted dehumidifiers are, the installation process of wall mounted dehumidifiers in the internal wall cavity, finding the best wall mounted dehumidifier, and more. Let’s get started!

Can you mount a dehumidifier on a wall?

attaching dehumidifier on wall itself
Dehumidifier On The Wall

With innovative dehumidifier systems, you now have more than one way to handle high humidity. Spaces with small square feet of the area but high humidity levels also have the struggle of excess moisture extraction. To remove excess moisture with the right dehumidification capacity, homeowners with a small square feet area or even small spaces like RVs, closets, bats, etc., have made use of portable dehumidifiers, mini split air conditioners, desiccant dehumidifiers, etc. These options occupy less space when compared to window air conditioners, a whole house dehumidifier, and commercial dehumidifiers.

An innovative dehumidifier solution is wall mounted dehumidifiers. They come with several advantages to keep the moist air away and turn it into fresh air. Along with extracting excess moisture from the damp air, a wall mounted dehumidifier will also improve the indoor air quality, keep away dust mites, prevent mold growth, and more. As a result of balancing the humidity levels, your home is protected and so is your health.

Wall mounting a dehumidifier is simple. With innovative dehumidifier systems, you have wall mounted dehumidifiers that require nothing but the perfect space and two wall studs. They can be accommodated into interior wall space, empty the collected water via drain hose into the existing plumbing or internal condensate pump, etc.

The market has several models of the best wall mounted dehumidifiers that come with various advantageous features that make moisture extraction and maintenance of humidity inside the house simple. Washable filter to keep dust mites completely away, remote control for effortless operation, etc., are a few of the many features incorporated into the latest wall mounted dehumidifier designs to work on humid air and high humidity levels.

What can you do if you have high humidity and small space?

Wall mounting Dehumidifier
In Wall Dehumidifier

High humidity levels in a small space can be difficult to live with. When the relative humidity in a small area is high, there are a couple of ways one can adopt to handle it effectively. It is important to pay attention to the humidity level in a small area especially because the proliferation of dust mites and other allergens can be more in a limited area.

To bring out successful moisture removal in minimal space there are options available like investing in wall-mounted dehumidifiers, portable dehumidifiers, mini split air conditioners, or window air conditioners. A window AC or window air conditioner is also a good choice to efficiently remove humidity from an area. However, one must remember that only a dehumidifier is a specifically designed unit to extract excess moisture content from the environment. An air conditioner, an exhaust fan, or any other device can help to manage the humidity by other means of action but does not have a direct or higher performance level like a dehumidifier. You can opt for portable dehumidifiers or a wall dehumidifier based on your convenience and the requirements of the space and conditions.

Here are a few of the methods to work on the high humidity levels in a small area.

1. Try AC Dry Mode

The AC dry mode in an air conditioner is designed to imitate a dehumidifier. It has the capacity to carry out the dehumidification process to a certain extent. The AC dry mode in an air conditioner is often used during the rainy season. It can be noticed that during the monsoon or rainy days, the moisture content in the air is higher than usual. These high moisture levels make the air heavy and humid.

Turning on the AC dry mode in the air conditioner will help to remove the moisture from the air and work on the relative humidity level to a good extent. The length of time an air conditioner on the dry mode will acquire to carry out dehumidification will depend on how much humidity exists in the room.

2. Exhaust Fans

An instant and effective way to reduce the humidity and warmth in a small area is to make use of exhaust fans. It is not uncommon to find exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens. These are small zones that are exposed to moisture and humidity continually. Keeping these places free from mold and mildew growth is also important.

3. Closet Dehumidifiers

Dark and cool areas are other popular places of high humidity. A closet dehumidifier is another good pick that can keep excess humidity away from a small place. These can help you achieve a dry space and also give you better air quality.

4. In wall Dehumidifiers

Installing an in-wall dehumidifier in a small space is the best option. Nothing can work in a high humid climate as efficiently as a dehumidifier. Making use of the little area available by installing a trustworthy in-wall dehumidifier is a wise choice.

Learn how to mount wall dehumidifier [5 Things You Need To Do]

parts of wall mounting dehumidifier
Santa Fe In Wall Dehumidifier Components

Setting up a wall mounted dehumidifier is not as easy as installing portable dehumidifiers. Appliances that go on the wall like a whole house dehumidifier, air conditioner, window AC, etc., need expert help. If you are not equipped to do it yourself, it is highly recommended to hire a professional. Here are the 5 things you need to do to install a wall mounted dehumidifier.

Step 1:

Select the right location after careful analysis of the humidity levels in the space.

Step 2:

Set up the wall studs and the control panel.

Step 3:

Ensure the drain hose is connected to the selected draining option.

Step 4:

Double check the power supply.

Step 5:

Enter the desired settings into the unit and check the digital display. Turn On the unit.

How do dehumidifiers reduce humidity better than fans, ACs and heaters?

A dehumidifier is a perfect device to reduce humidity in any area. Some models are even equipped to remove standing water after flooding. The dehumidification performance of any dehumidifier unit is great when compared to any air conditioner, fan, or heater.

The reason for this is the design and function of the unit. Cooling coils within a dehumidifier are built to take in humid air and extract the excess moisture from it via condensation. The collected water is sent out with a draining mechanism. Although an air conditioner can work on humidity, it cannot perform to a dehumidifier’s capacity.

Which dehumidifier do we recommend for wall mounting?

The best wall mounted dehumidifier that we recommended after careful analysis of the reviews is the Santa Fe In Wall Dehumidifier.

Santa Fe In-Wall Dehumidifier

Ultra Aire In Wall Dehumidifier (Top)

Bid goodbye to your battle against a humid environment with this wall mounted dehumidifier. The many simple but functional features make this in wall dehumidifier one of the best on the market. This dehumidifier can be easily mounted and is ideal for small areas like multi-family housing, hotels, apartments, laundry room, etc. The capacity of this model is 4.25 pints of moisture per kWh., to cover an area of 1,200 square feet.

The silent operation function ensures that you can have humidity control without disturbance, making it functional for multi-family housing. The Auto restart function helps the unit to operate seamlessly even after a power outage. A power interruption will not disrupt the settings on the unit. A fair warning is this wall mounted dehumidifier is not energy star certified and hence if minimal energy cost during dehumidification is your priority you must look into a model that has an energy star. It is also a low-maintenance design with a washable filter.

The front panel is sleek and easily blends with an indoor environment. Draining the unit is also simple with the 10-foot drain hose. You can use options like the continuous drain method into a drain port with the drain hose, manual draining, or an internal condensate pump.

The electronic humidistat and digital display make operation easier. Durability is guaranteed with its galvanized steel cabinet. This model has been made to work between 49 and 95 degrees F, hence if a low-temperature operation is your need check on it. The unit is indeed one of the best wall mounted dehumidifiers that make humidity control and mold remediation effective.

FAQ Section

1. Can the front panel be painted to match the wall color?

Wall mounted dehumidifiers are available with sleek and colorful front panels to blend in with your indoor environment.

2. Is a wall-mounted dehumidifier enough for a pool room?

This would depend on the size of the pool room. A wall mounted unit might be sufficient for a small pool room. You must purchase a dehumidifier with the correct capacity of extraction to suit the square feet area of the space and the existing levels of humidity.

3. Does a wall mounted dehumidifier bring in outside air?

A wall-mounted unit will work on the indoor air.

4. Do dehumidifiers pull water from walls?

Yes. A dehumidifier can extract the moisture and dampness that exist in walls as well (either as a result of flooding or humid conditions).

Wrapping Up

We trust the article could explain the brief about wall mounted dehumidifier. Invest in the best wall mounted dehumidifier to keep humidity under control and dust mites away. Share with us in the comments below our experiences with wall mounted unit and how efficient you find them.


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