3 Key Takeaways:

🚀 The decision to rent or buy a dehumidifier depends on the frequency of use and the area of space that needs drying.

🚀 Dehumidifier rentals can cost anywhere from $50 per day to up to $650 for 4 weeks, and there are several stores and websites that offer dehumidifier rental services.

🚀 Dehumidifier rental is a good option for those who need to remove moisture temporarily, rather than investing in the product, considering the high prices.

If your living space is in need of moisture removal, the best source that can provide you with the perfect dry environment is a dehumidifier. Flood water restoration, standing water removal, mold and mildew removal, musty odor removal, etc., are the different types of problems that a dehumidifier can work on directly. A large capacity and highly efficient model is exactly what a home will need for seamless moisture and climate control.

However, there might be scenarios where you need to remove water temporarily. If you need help from a dehumidifier for just a day or for a short length of time, it is better to look into trustworthy dehumidifier rentals rather than investing in the product, considering the high prices that a commercial dehumidifier comes at.

In this article, we will take a look at the variety of options that you have to rent a dehumidifier if you are interested. Here you can also find the answers to the common questions that revolve around renting dehumidifiers, the issues that can be dealt with simply by renting a unit with just the click of a button on the website, the different rates and models you can select the product of your choice from, and the moisture problems that deserve to use a unit more than just a per day rental, and more. With that being said, let us get started!

Is it better to rent or buy a dehumidifier?

You can choose to side with a dehumidifier rental or buy the product depending on the issues you are dealing with. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to help you to decide if you are ready to run a dehumidifier on rent per day (or more), or if you have to order the product for good.

Is it better to rent or buy a dehumidifier?

1. What is the frequency in which I will use a dehumidifier?

Operating a dehumidifier for just a project per day, dehumidifying a single set of furniture, or simply wishing to run it to remove the mold growth from your bathroom are reasons that can do well with a dehumidifier rental. If your living space, job sites, basements, or any room for that matter has excellent climate control and is free from water damage, and you only require the space to be dried or the air to be dried for a single day, it is best to look at a website to order the product as long as the project requires.

What is the frequency in which I will use a dehumidifier

On the other hand, if you find yourself with the need to use the unit for a couple of months in a year, experts suggest that the customers are better off investing in a model that meets their requirements adequately. This will help to cut down the prices of renting a unit often.

2. What is the area of the space that needs drying?

If you have to dry a small space, probably just a room or closet, or a single day, you can rent portable dehumidifiers from the website or store directly. If the space that you have to dry out is large, and there is a good chance that the water content from the air and space will have to be removed again, you can as well purchase the equipment that can provide permanent protection from moisture and mold damage.

What is the area of the space that needs drying

3. What is the purpose of operating a dehumidifier?

Most job sites and projects will face the need to run a commercial dehumidifier on a regular schedule. In this case, purchasing the equipment is the best option. If your home also faces condensation, and irregular humidity levels often, you can invest in the equipment making space for the drainage hose and power supply, rather than opting for dehumidifier rentals.

What kind of dehumidifiers can you rent?

To remove moisture from a space you can take help from a variety of dehumidifiers. Large-scale water extraction from a room or air will call for high-capacity equipment. An industrial dehumidifier or a commercial dehumidifier is designed to provide high-capacity dehumidification. With this equipment, you can remove water content, dampness, and mold seamlessly from a very large space.

What is the purpose of operating a dehumidifier

Portable dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers are built to remove moisture from a smaller area. Although a lot of portable dehumidifiers find it easy to cover a large area and share several of its features with a high-capacity industrial dehumidifier model, you can still make use of them for small-scale moisture extraction.

How much does it cost to rent a dehumidifier?

The cost of dehumidifier rentals will vary depending on the product type, weight, materials, location to be rented to, number of fans or other features, the number of days you choose to rent the product, the website you order from, the additional items that come along with the product you rent, etc.

Dehumidifier rentals can cost anywhere from $50 per day to up to $650 for 4 weeks.

Top 5 places you can rent dehumidifier today?

If you are looking for the ideal store or website that offers dehumidifier rental services to select from, here are a few of the options.

1. The Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the most trusted stores in the USA that rent and sell a wide variety of products for homes, basements, and job sites. Home Depot offers 4 different options for its customers to select from when it comes to dehumidifier rentals. They also have different types of dehumidifiers made with the best materials to meet one’s requirements. Will you be in need of a dehumidifier rental for your next project? Visit the Home Depot website to know the options you can select from.

Dri-Eaz 18-gallon Dehumidifier rental from Home Depot

Dri-Eaz 18-gallon Dehumidifier rental from Home Depot

The best features of this equipment include:

  • Designed to remove water up to 18 gallons per day.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • Comes with an automatic pump-out and a 10-ft drainage hose.
  • User-friendly operating system with 4 languages.
  • Auto Restart post power outage.
  • Built to provide facilities to attach to blowers for faster drying.

Dehumidifier rental costs:

$39 for 4 hours

$56 per day

$224 per week

$672 4 weeks

2. United Rentals

The next best website from where you can choose the ideal equipment for restoration, mold remediation, or enhancing the air quality of a space is United Rentals. They have options to choose the best desiccant dehumidifiers and portable dehumidifiers. You can also find the ideal industrial dehumidifier rental service at United Rental. You can check their website to find the different products that they have to provide you with the best service for your next project.

Some of the popular dehumidifier rental product to choose from includes; 440 CFM Compact Dehumidifier with 15-gallon water removal capacity, 3000 CFM Desiccant dehumidifiers with 20″ duct, 480 volts operating power, and more.

3. Sunbelt Rentals

Another best place for industrial dehumidifier rental, air scrubbers, and other drying equipment rental is Sunbelt Rentals. They also offer a different variety of choices that will help you to have seamless climate control in your home, workspace, or basement.

Among their desiccant dehumidifiers, the best unit that you can check into is the Dri-Eaz Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier. It is made using the best materials to provide effortless humidity and climate control, and performance. With a blower capacity of 395 CFM and weight of 95 lbs, and an operating range of 150°F, this is one of the best units to remove excess water content in the air and room.

4. Carrier Rental Systems

The dehumidifier rental service next on the list is Carrier Rental Systems. They also offer high-quality dehumidifier models that are designed to carry out hassle-free, effortless dehumidification. You can check the different products and services they provide to help dry out the air and home.

5. Herc Rentals

The last option as a dehumidifier rental service that we have on the list for you to choose from is Herc Rentals. They are also one of the best trustworthy dehumidifier rentals in the USA. You can choose a wide range of the best desiccant dehumidifiers they have to dehumidify the space to perfection.

What to look for when before you rent a dehumidifier?

What to look for when before you rent a dehumidifier

Before you rent a dehumidifier you must make sure that the model that you select has the capacity to meet your requirements. If the unit is sturdy and the materials used are free from corrosion. Make sure that the capacity of the unit can remove excess moisture effectively and that your home has the facilities or provisions to accommodate the unit along with its water removal system.

FAQ Section

1. Where to rent dehumidifier in Charlotte, NC?

The Home Depot in Charlotte, NC has the best dehumidifier rentals.

2. Can you rent an under the house dehumidifier?

You can check whether your nearest dehumidifier rental or the Home Depot website has options to rent an under-the-house unit. These are indeed suitable choices to enhance indoor air quality and remove excess water content that leads to corrosion, mold growth, and more.

3. Does Lowe’s rent dehumidifiers?

Yes, Lowe’s Tool Rental offers dehumidifier rental services.

4. How much should you pay for a dehumidifier?

The cost one must pay to rent a dehumidifier will vary depending on the service provider, location, number of days the dehumidifier is rented, and the dehumidifier model.

Wrapping Up

With this, we have reached the end of the article. The trust you now have a brief idea of the various dehumidifier rental places along with the services and models that they have. If you are ready to rent a dehumidifier, make sure you have done a complete study of the space, its requirements, and the features built into the dehumidifier of your choice.


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