Choose The Best Dehumidifier For Water Damage in 2024

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

Want the best dehumidifier for water damage? Read this before buying.

It is important to act immediately if you have water damage in your home.

In most cases, the damage seeps deeper than you realize. It is best to utilize Water Damage Restoration Dehumidifiers for a thorough solution to any form of flood damage. 

Their units are specifically designed to absorb gallons of water, making them more efficient than commercial dehumidifiers. In this article, we’ll look at the best water damage restoration dehumidifiers available on the market, their benefits, and their ways of guaranteeing results.

What is water restoration process?

Water damage in a home is an emergency situation that needs immediate action. The first step to handle water damage is to reach out to water damage restoration experts at the earliest. Sometimes there could be more to the damage than what meets the eye, and this must be dealt with quickly.

Water damage restoration is a specialised service that aims to remove all effects of flood damage from home by using high capacity products and water damage restoration dehumidifiers.

Environments that have any form of water damage are something that one must act upon to find a solution without delay, because stagnant water, excess amount of moisture, and high humidity is not a combination you want to have in your home. This makes a favourable breeding place for mold growth, mildew, mold spores, bacterial growth, damage to property like carpets, furniture, drywall, etc. Any space that has been exposed to a large of water must be handled quickly and cautiously.

Water damage in homes is a huge risk to one’s overall well-being. One could even develop respiratory health problems or allergies as a result of water damage that hasn’t been dealt with thoroughly. Homes have porous surfaces and articles that can house tons of moisture that only restoration dehumidifiers can pump out to perfection. The ways in which a water damage situation has to be handled also depend on the extent of damage caused to the place or home.

Can vacuuming and fan drying take care of moisture removal with ease, or does it have to involve air scrubbers, restoration dehumidifiers, mold remediation experts, and more? This is a question that must be asked in any place that has water damage. The area coverage necessary, the number of articles affected, the extent of damage caused, the number of hours the place has been soaking in water and moisture, are other factors that decide the amount of water damage restoration required to revive the place or home to liveable conditions.

Household Dehumidifier vs Water Restoration Dehumidifier

Household Vs Water Damage Dehumidifier

Is your home having a burst of mold spores and mold growth often? This could mean your home is battling against high humidity levels in the atmosphere. Household dehumidifiers are excellent devices that absorb excess moisture in the air, which thereby keeps the humidity under check. Maintaining ideal relative humidity levels will curb bacterial and mold growth, improve air quality, and provide you with a comfortable breathing space.

Water restoration dehumidifiers are heavily built units that do an excellent job in dealing with large amounts of water. They have a powerful unit that can effectively extract water from any space they placed in. These dehumidifiers feature a high-capacity motor, compressor soils, wheels for mobility, internal condensate pumps, features to maximise airflow, and even can be ductable for enhanced moisture removal, and more.

Every type and model of dehumidifier has its ways of carrying out its functions. Opting for the right choice of dehumidifiers to perform their specified functions will get the job done effectively.

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Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickDri-Eaz Low Temp Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier✦ Removes 15 Gallons Of Water Every Day
✦ Internal Condensate Pump For Automatic Moisture Removal
✦ Sturdy Construction
Budget Pickmoiswell-235pint-dehumidifier Moiswell 235 PPD Dehumidifier✦ Effortless Drainage
✦ 16.5 Ft Drain Height
✦ Built-in Heavy Duty Pump
rinkmo 296 ppd Rinkmo Commercial Dehumidifier✦ Intelligent Humidity Control
✦ Effortless Operation
✦ 3.17 Gallons Water Bucket
Dri-Eaz LGR Dehumidifier Dri-Eaz LGR Compact Dehumidifier✦ Automatic Humidistat
✦ High Air Flow Filter
✦ Extreme Operating Temperature
my-dehumidifier BlueDri BD-76 Commercial Dehumidifier✦ Ideal for water restoration projects
✦ Heavy Duty Roto Mold Technology
✦ Automatic Water Pump
Luko 180 PPD Dehumidifier LUKO 180 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier ✦ Built in Heavy Duty Pump
✦ Efficient Compressor
✦ Easy to Move

1. Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

First, on the list, we have Dri Eaz DrizAir 1200. This is a low-temperature refrigerant dehumidifier that is convenient for both; professional water damage restoration and for everyday residential use. Let us look more into what features this unit has, its capacity in water removal, coverage area, and more!



1. This dehumidifier has a sturdy unit that delivers high performance. The unit has a capacity to remove 15 gallons of water per day from any type of water damage; be it leaks or natural disaster. It does a good job at drying out carpets, carpet pads, walls, floors, and other articles that are moisture-laden.

2. The unit can also be put to use in plaster creation and drywall projects.

3. Dri Eaz can be used even for heavy-duty residential projects that involve drying and humidity control. Its operating temperature range is between 33°F and 100°F. 

4. The unit has a built-in condensate pump.

5. The control panel has a touchpad design. This features ON/OFF controls, a job hour meter, a reset function, a purge control, and the number of status messages.

Things we liked:

1. Dri Eaz has a high capacity unit that is suitable for industrial warehouses, construction zones, damp basements, etc. It serves industrial and residential purposes.

2. Excellent moisture removal from the air.

3. Units are sturdy and yet portable. Their semi-pneumatic wheels and rigid handle in the model help the dehumidifier to be moved around the space with ease.

Things we didn’t like:

1. Done

2. Moiswell 235 PPD Dehumidifier



  1. The Moiswell 235 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier is a powerful and versatile unit that can be used to dehumidify large spaces, such as basements, crawl spaces, and industrial areas.
  2. It has the capacity to remove up to 235 pints per day and can cover up to 8,000 square feet. The unit comes with a built-in pump and drain hose, so it can be used to pump water out of a sump pump or drain directly into a sewer or septic system.
  3. It also has a built-in humidistat, so you can set it to automatically turn on and off when the humidity level reaches a certain point.
  4. The Moistwell 235 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier is easy to use and maintain. It has a large, easy-to-read display that shows the current humidity level, the dehumidifier’s running status, and the amount of water that has been removed. The unit also has a built-in filter that can be easily removed and cleaned.

Review with 5 stars:

‘This Dehumidifier is a real beast. It arrived on time, was packaged well, and was ready to use other than connect the hose for pump (or drain if you choose that).I first set it up in my big shop which was wet at the time because of equipment being washed etc. This Dehumidifier dried it up quickly, runs smoothly, and shuts off once it reaches the desired humidity level.’

Things we liked:

  1. Powerful dehumidifier with a capacity of 235 pints per day
  2. Can cover up to 8,000 square feet
  3. Built-in pump and drain hose
  4. Built-in humidistat
  5. Easy to use and maintain
  6. Quiet operation

Things we didn’t like:

  1. Can be a bit noisy at higher settings
  2. Not as portable as some other dehumidifiers

3. RinkMo Commercial Dehumidifier

Heavy-duty commercial dehumidifier for excellent water removal; from the air and environment- RinkMo Commercial Dehumidifier. Maintain the relative humidity in the atmosphere with this commercial dehumidifier. Its performance and high capacity at moisture removal make it a suitable choice for large basements, industrial warehouses, workshops, and greenhouses.



1. This model has a superior efficiency compressor that can carry out moisture extraction of up to 296 pints per day; 143 PPD AHAM.

2. The fan in this commercial dehumidifier model can operate at 353 CFM. This speed permits greater moisture removal and area coverage; which is 37 gallons over 8000 square feet to be precise. It is also quicker in performance. One can expect faster moisture removal during restoration processes from the walls, floors, furniture, and air.

3. As far as draining options go; this model features Auto and Manual draining. You have a 3.28 ft drain hose for continuous draining by gravity and a 3.17-gallon large capacity bucket for manual draining. The device will AUTO STOP when the bucket is full to prevent overflows.

4. The additional features in RinkMo Commercial Dehumidifier includes touch-pad LED display control panel, timer programming, fan speed selecting, and working status reading. Other automatic functions in this model are; Auto Restart, Auto On/Off for Humidity settings, and Auto Defrost.

Things we liked:

1. User-friendly design that can be operated with ease.
2. High capacity moisture removal.
3. Multiple drain options.
4. Compact build.
5. Heavy duty commercial dehumidifier that is portable with caster wheels.

Things we didn’t like:

1. None

4. Dri-Eaz LGR Compact Dehumidifier

The best compact dehumidifier for large restoration projects- Dri-Eaz LGR Compact Dehumidifier. Let us find out how this model can have a space-saving design and carry out water extraction for a large area.

LGR Dehumidifier


1. One of the most compact water damage restoration dehumidifiers that can remove 80 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions 80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity. In near-saturated conditions, it can remove 139 pints per day.

2. The drying performance is enhanced by the unit that processes up to 180 cubic feet of air per minute.

3. Portability of the dehumidifier is made easy with the built-in carrying handles. Moreover, the recessed feet indents allow for stacking up to 3 Revolutions securely on a hand truck to ensure safe and secure transportation of the products.

4. Onboard humidistat is one of the advantageous features of this dehumidifier. With this on the panel, you can set and maintain the humidity level to suit your comfort.

5. The control panel in the device will display the inlet and outlet temperatures, the relative humidity of the area, track job hours, and also contain a purge control for the condensate pump reservoir.

6. This dehumidifier assures you with better air quality in the room it is placed in with the help of the High Air Flow filter it has. These will filter out harmful agents that are invisible to the naked eye.

7. The product comes with a 40-foot drain hose and a 25-foot power cord.

8. The sturdy interiors are built to operate even in extreme temperatures (as low as 33 degrees F and as high as 100 degrees F).

Things we liked:

1. Compact and rigid build
2. Convenient exterior design that allows easy stacking up into hand truck.
3. Superior moisture extraction from the air.
4. The unit processes up to 180 cubic feet of air per minute.
5. HAF air filters for improved air quality.
6. The control panel has an onboard humidistat.

Things we didn’t like:

1. None

5. Blue-Dri BD 76 Dehumidifier

Controlling excess humidity levels in the environment after water restoration can be done with ease using Blue-Dri BD 76 Dehumidifier. It finds a place on the list of best commercial dehumidifiers for its performance. Let us find out more about the features that make this commercial dehumidifier special.



1. This unit has an high-efficiency rotary compressor that has been designed to deliver maximum moisture extraction. You can expect this dehumidifier to remove 150 pints per day in 90ºF 90%RH /76 PPD at AHAM in 80ºF 60%RH. It must be noted tt hathese levels are double the water per day than normal 70 pt capacity home dehumidifiers.

2. The sturdy build has been found to be helpful for both commercial and industrial purposes. This dehumidifier can work to its fullest even in the toughest areas, construction zones, and flooded buildings; working continually for days together to give you water extraction.

3. Convenient features in this dehumidifier includes; automatic water pump, digital panel, compact electrical control with Auto Restart, hour counter, RH and temperature sensors, portable design with wheels, etc.

4. The company offers 1-year limited warranty and a 5-year housing warranty.

Things we liked:

1. This dehumidifier model can be trusted for heavy-duty functions, giving 76 AHAM/150.
2. The sturdy build of the product can be used in tough environments.
3. The automatic water pump and rotary compressor is advantageous features.

Things we didn’t like:

1. None

6. LUKO 180 PPD Dehumidifier

Ending our list of best water restoration dehumidifiers with LUKO 180 PPD Dehumidifier. Its high airflow capacity and durability are appreciated are the key positives in this dehumidifier. Let us know more about the features of this model of dehumidifier.

Luko 180 ppd dehumidifier


1. LUKO 180 PPD Dehumidifier has a high airflow of 386 CFM. This equips this restoration dehumidifier to remove 180 pints of water from the air per day at saturation 90°F, 90%, and 90 PPD at AHAM.

2. This capacity of this dehumidifier improves the performance of the device, giving it the ability to carry out drying at a faster rate.

3. You can expect the unit to conveniently cover an area of up to 6000 square feet; making it a perfect choice for both industrial and commercial purposes.

4. The drain pump is designed to automatically drain the condensate up to 16 feet high. This is done via the attached 25.5 feet long hose when the internal reservoir is full during dehumidification, without any need for manual support.

5. Additional features in this dehumidifier model are Auto On/Off Timer, Auto Restart, Auto HGV defrost, heavy-duty wheels, collapsible handle, stackable design, compact build, rugged roto-molded housing.

Things we liked:

1. High performance dehumidifier model with 90 PPD at AHAM.
2. Automatic drain pump that does not require manual intervention.
3. Heavy duty and rugged design.
4. Convenient features for easy operation.

Things we didn’t like:

1. None

Our Verdict

Best Dehumidifier for Water Damage

Among the different brands and the commercial dehumidifiers and the restoration dehumidifiers that we saw, Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier gets the highest rating for the best restoration dehumidifier in the current market. Some of its key advantages are:

1. 15 gallons of water per day from wet carpets, carpet pads, walls, floors, and more.

2. It has a compact and rigid build, a convenient exterior design that allows easy stacking up into hand truck.

3. It offers superior moisture extraction from damp basements and industries.

5. It has 40-ft Drain Hose and built-in condensate pump for added convenience.

Budget Pick Dehumidifier

From all the brands and models we reviewed on the list, if you are looking for a dehumidifier within a budget, you can look into Moiswell 235 PPD Dehumidifier. Some key features of this dehumidifier are as follows:

1. It has 386 CFM airflow volume, with which it can remove up to 190 pints of moisture from the air per day at a saturation condition of 90°F, 90%, and 93 PPD at AHAM, covering any large size area of 6,000 square feet.

2. This is a good capacity commercial dehumidifier that can be used for industrial purposes, basements in a home, or any space in need of humidity control in the air.

3. Few of the many advantageous features that one appreciates in this dehumidifier include; drain hose, power cord, internal condensate pump, and semi-pneumatic wheels.

How to use a dehumidifier for water damage

Although different brands and models have different features, the ways in which water damage restoration dehumidifiers are put to use is the same. These dehumidifiers have coils in them, that help in moisture removal from the air. Fans in the dehumidifiers will blow in the humid air into the unit and pass them over the coil, and they will extract the water out. Now, based on the size of the space that is damaged, the area that needs to be covered, the amount of standing water, the extent of damage to the surrounding articles; one will have to decide how many restoration dehumidifiers are necessary to do the job. When you notice that the standing water has been removed, you can move the unit to the center of the room to carry out dehumidification on the remaining surfaces or articles.

Will dehumidifier help prevent mold after water damage?

Yes! Dehumidifiers will work their magic of drawing out all the water and moisture from the air and affected articles; like walls, furniture, carpets, floors, etc., that are the best housing sources of mold. Getting rid of water completely from all parts of the home or any place will ensure that the area is protected against the attack of mold and bacteria This is to ensure that the space remains dry and maintain unfavourable conditions for mold to grow, even after the water has been removed. This is an important step.

The experts will suggest that you keep the windows and other ventilation open to allow the sun to do its job of naturally drying out excess moisture, curbing the growth of mold, bacteria, and other microbes and allergens in the air. However, for climatic conditions where using sunlight is not possible, one can use high-capacity water damage restoration dehumidifiers or commercial dehumidifiers to ensure mold is prevented.

How long should you run a dehumidifier after a water leak?

Running a dehumidifier after water damage to remove all traces of moisture is essential. But, accessing how long one should run their dehumidifier in their home depends on the extent of damage caused. If it is a minor leak anywhere inside the house and the size of the damage is small, it is sufficient to run your dehumidifier for a day or two, which will handle moisture removal with ease. However, you need to first consult with a professional.

If you had done water damage restoration professionally, one might be advised to use certain products and run commercial dehumidifiers or water damage restoration dehumidifiers continually for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. The level of damage caused to the porous surfaces in and around the area, the current relative humidity level, climatic conditions of the place; are some important factors that will decide how long you should run your dehumidifier after a water leak.

FAQ Section

1. How to dry out walls after water damage?

Drying walls after water damage must be done quickly. You must contact an expert to report about the damage. To remove moisture from the wall, you can use fans that will move the air around the damp walls. In order to make this more efficient, you must use dehumidifiers. While their units remove moisture from the air, they will subsequently act upon the moisture in the walls too. In order to hasten the evaporation process, it is suggested that you take down the molding and baseboards to prevent moisture from entering behind them.

2. How long does it take for a wall to dry out after a leak?

As aforementioned, the extend of damage the leak has caused will decide how long it will take for the wall to dry out completely. However, for minor leaks, it has been noticed that it can take 3 days for the leak to dry completely from the walls.

3. How to set up a dehumidifier for water damage?

Run the dehumidifier until you can notice a visible difference in the amount of water stagnated or in the dampness in the area. Once the standing water is removed, you can move the dehumidifier to the centre of the room to get an overall coverage.

4. How fast does mold grow after a water leak?

It can take anywhere between 24 hours to 48 hours for mold to grow after a leak (or flood). Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mentions that under the right conditions, mold grows rapidly within this time limit. The favorability of the conditions and the surface for growth are the important factors that have an impact on mold.

5. Will a dehumidifier dry a wet floor?

Yes! Water damage restoration dehumidifiers or commercial dehumidifiers are designed to dry out standing water on a floor. They have powerful compressors and units that can pull out the moisture even from a wooden floor that is soaked with dampness.

6. How to get rid of carpet odor from water damage?

There are many ways to deal with musty odor in the carpet. There are many cleaning brands that offer products to deodorize carpets and furniture. A simple home remedy that you can try to get rid of carpet odor from water damage is vinegar with water. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water and apply it to the affected area.

7. How to tell if water damage is new or old?

A new water damage area will appear as just a single dark spot. You would be able to feel that the area around it is firm. An old water damage spot, on the other hand, will have many dry water rings around them. The surface will feel squishy and it may have mold growing on it too.

Final Words:

Hope you found the list of water restoration dehumidifiers helpful. Remember that are many brands manufacture dehumidifiers with varied features. Choose the one that will suit your need the best and meet your expectations. Let us know which dehumidifiers have you used for water damage and how their performance was.


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