A Complete Guide To Buy The Best Dehumidifier For Allergies

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

High humidity levels in any area, be it big or small have their disadvantages. Removing excess moisture from the air to not just maintain the ideal relative humidity level, but to improve the air quality is of primordial importance. We sometimes pay little attention to the air quality around us and the allergy symptoms that often arise from breathing in poor air.

In this article, we will take a close look at the best dehumidifier for allergies that you can find in the market and how to get rid of dust mites and mold, mold allergies, breathing problems, and bid goodbye to the other allergy symptoms. Let us get started!

Why Is Humidity Bad For Allergies? 

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High humidity levels in space are bad for allergies. Excess moisture and excess humidity levels are the perfect conditions for mold growth. If you aim to reduce mold and stop mold growth in your home completely, you must start by removing moisture from the air and enhancing the air quality.

The high indoor humidity level is unhealthy for any home. When you have high humidity levels in your home, you pave way for mold allergies. Dust mites and mold, mildew, breathing problems, dampness, etc., are the issues that arise with an excess humidity level. When the moisture in the air is high and the humidity level is raised, allergens of all kinds proliferate with ease.

If you have a history of asthma and breathing problems and are prone to allergy symptoms quickly, you must control humidity levels to breathe in the fresh air, enhance the air quality, and stay allergy-free. Maintaining the desired humidity level is easy with efficient dehumidifiers.

Which is the best dehumidifier for allergies?

The Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier is rated as the best dehumidifier for allergies. Its size efficiency, and ability to keep any space with poor ventilation protected against excess humidity and allergens are widely appreciated by customers.

Why should you trust us?

The list of the best dehumidifiers on the market that helps you to bid goodbye to allergies has been brought to you after meticulous reading. The list we have here can be trusted because it has been assembled after thorough research into various models with different capacities.

Comparing 7 Best Dehumidifiers For Allergies (July, 2024)

Here we have a list to help you find the best dehumidifier for allergies. Safeguard your entire house from the impact of high humidity and maintain the ideal indoor humidity level with these best dehumidifiers for allergies. Let us take a look.

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top Pickvremi-350x350 (1) Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier✦ Low energy consumption 
✦ Convenient built-in wheels and handles
✦ Quiet Fan
Runner UpWaykar 70 Pint Waykar 4500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier for Home✦ Humidity Auto Control
✦ Safety Standby Mode 
✦ 24-hour Timer
Tenergy 2 in 1 Tenergy Sorbi 1000ml Air Dehumidifier w/Air Purifying Function✦ True HEPA filtration 
✦ Ultra-quiet operation 
✦ Energy efficient dehumidifier 
humilabs dehumidifier Humilabs 22 Pint Dehumidifier ✦ Two Drainage Modes
✦ Shutdown/Start-up function 
✦ Efficiently dries clothes  
Afloia 2 in 1 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier in 1, Afloia Q10 True HEPA Air Purifier✦ H13 HEPA filtration system 
✦ 3-stage fan speeds
✦ Peltier technology 
midea 35 pint cube Midea Cube 35 Pint Dehumidifier for Basement and Rooms ✦ Wi-Fi Connectivity
✦ No-bucket option 
✦ Auto restart function 
Clevast Dehumidifier CLEVAST 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star 22 Pints Dehumidifier ✦ Perfect for medium-sized areas 
✦ Automatic defrost function 
✦ Portable

1. Vremi 22 Pint Moisture Maniac Dehumidifier


Achieve effortless humidity control with the Vremi dehumidifier. Removing excess moisture from the air is simple with this best dehumidifier for allergies. Here is how this unit can keep your house safe from airborne particles and dust mites.

The Vremi 22 pint dehumidifier is designed to take in moist air and give out dry air that is free from dust mites and mold and other allergens. Like other dehumidifiers with similar capacity, this unit is capable of extracting 22 pints of moisture from the surrounding. The sturdy body and unit make maintaining the desired humidity level easy.

The water tank capacity of this dehumidifier is 3 liters. The unit can cover an area of up to 1,500 square feet and remove 4 gallons of water per day. You can set the desired humidity setting on the digital humidity display and allow the unit to carry out moisture removal.

The water tank can be emptied when full and can automatically shut off when full. The LED indicator light, 24-hour continuous run cycle, user-friendly electronic control panel, built-in wheels, minimal energy consumption, Turbo mode to get adjustable settings on fan speed, washable air filters, drain hose outlet, etc., are the features that make this model one of the best 1,500 sq ft energy star dehumidifier.

The ability of this unit to function with its maximum capacity makes this one of the best dehumidifiers for both large and small rooms. It can also double up as a whole house dehumidifier and be perfect for use in laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, or even a crawl space or basement. Are these features what you expect from the dehumidifier for your home to control humidity levels? If yes visit Amazon.com right now to check exciting offers on this best dehumidifier for allergies.

Pros and Cons of Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier

  1. Energy-star certified unit to ensure you save money on energy bills.
  2. Keeps away airborne particles, dust mites, and mold allergies prevents bacteria growth, etc.
  3. Has a convenient capacity and moisture removal that could suit large spaces and small spaces.
  4. Can be used in a laundry room, crawl space, bedroom, etc.
  5. Comes with helpful features like a continuous draining option, automatic shut off, electronic controls, etc.
  6. Helps to reduce indoor allergies by preventing mold growth and dust mite proliferation.

2. Waykar 70 pint Dehumidifier


Is there too much moisture in the air that needs to be removed by a power-packed unit? Here we have a Waykar dehumidifier with a 70 pint capacity that can maintain the balance in the humidity level of your home and protect it from mold growth and airborne particles that cause allergies.

Apart from the capacity to draw out 70 pints of moisture from the surrounding, the unit is also designed with several features with advanced technology. Auto shut off and auto restart ensures that the unit shuts off when the tank is about to overflow and turns On with the saved settings after a power failure. A sturdy body and highly efficient unit ensure that this 70 pint device can be the best choice for moisture extraction for a whole house or even a crawl space.

A carefully crafted air filter traps in the allergens that aggravate asthma, breathing difficulties, and other mold allergies, along with their symptoms like itchy and dry skin. Another special feature that comes with its 70 pint unit is the control lock system. The child lock or control lock will assure you that the device with the saved settings is safe. 24-hour timer, large water reservoir to store the water removed from 4,500 sq ft area, auto-restart after a power failure, etc., are few of the many specifications that make this unit a success.

Visit Amazon.com now to learn more about the features in this 70 pint Waykar dehumidifier and the exciting offers on the unit to buy it at the best price. Keep your home or office protected from the harmful effects of high moisture content and allergens effortlessly!

Pros and Cons of Waykar 70 pint Dehumidifier

  1. Large 70 pint unit with water tank for high-efficiency humidity control.
  2. An ideal choice for whole-house, crawl space, large basements, etc.
  3. Helps to remove allergens and allergy symptoms like dry skin, itchy eyes, difficulty in breathing, asthma attacks.
  4. Highly functional unit.

3. Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier

tenergy front

Next on the list for the best dehumidifiers that help to reduce allergies, we have the 1000 ml Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier. This small dehumidifier or electric mini dehumidifier is the perfect fit as a portable dehumidifier for removing moisture from small rooms; perhaps the bathrooms or laundry rooms.

You can now keep check of the humidity level in any area with this portable unit or electric mini dehumidifier that can extract up to 750 ml of water per day from its surrounding. The small water tank with a 1-liter capacity is easy to use and clean. The washable filter with HEPA filtration ensures to prevent mold, dust mite population, bacteria growth, and other harmful airborne particles. Taking out moist air and giving you dry air or fresh air is a simple task for this unit.

Other features highlighted in this non-compressor dehumidifier are; Ultra-quiet operation, conscious energy consumption, portable design, and more! The small size can cover an area of 200 square feet where there is too much moisture and its allied problems. Hurry now to Amazon.com to purchase this small dehumidifier at the best price!

Pros and Cons of Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier

  1. Best unit available with HEPA filtration to keep out all kinds of allergens; dust particles and even dust mites.
  2. Suitable choice or electric mini dehumidifier.
  3. Functions with maximum capacity to cover an area of 200 square feet that has more moisture than essential.
  4. Portable design with minimal energy consumption.
  5. Simple control panel

4. Humilabs Dehumidifier

humilabs dehumidifier

The choice we have next as the best dehumidifier to keep away allergies is the Humilabs dehumidifier. This model comes with a capacity to remove 22 pints of moisture from the air and an ability to maintain the humidity level of an area of up to 1,500 square feet.

The 0.528 gallon water tank capacity of this dehumidifier unit is sufficient to hold the moisture removed from the surrounding. Washable air filter, LED light indicator, continuous draining option, adjustable fan speed, low noise operation, digital humidity display, etc., are the other features that make this one of the best choices to improve the air quality of medium to large spaces.

Be assured to prevent mold, dust mites, and dust particles from building up in any space to room with the Humilabs dehumidifier. Like other dehumidifiers that are non-compressor dehumidifiers where the unit comes without a compressor and hence the noise generated is less, this unit becomes an ideal choice for moisture control in offices and bedrooms.

Does the Humilabs dehumidifier mark off your expectations from the unit you are looking for to keep away allergies from dust mites and mold? Visit Amazon.com to learn more about the specifications of the unit and the offers on price.

Pros and Cons of Humilabs Dehumidifier

  1. Suitable choice for areas with high humidity.
  2. Trusted design to prevent mold, bacteria growth, and even dust mites.
  3. A water tank of 0.528 gallons is sufficient to hold the 22 pints of moisture removed.
  4. Low noise operation.

5. Afloia Q10 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

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Are you struggling to reduce high humidity and achieve seamless air quality? The Afloia Q10 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier is designed to combine the action of dehumidification and air purification. Maintain the humidity of an area and keep away dust mite troubles with this unit.

The water tank of the unit has a 1000 ml capacity. This electric mini dehumidifier has many impressive features like electronic controls, smart control panel, HEPA filter to trap 9997% of dust mite allergens to give your home fresh air, ability to automatically shut when the tank is full, turbo mode with adjustable fan speed settings, and Peltier technology that is quieter than any compressor dehumidifier.

The energy consumption of this portable dehumidifier is also limited, ensuring that you spend less on energy bills. Do you trust this model to fight against airborne particles and indoor allergies? If yes, visit Amzon.com now to check exciting offers on Afloia Q10 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier.

Pros and Cons of Afloia Q10 Air Purifier and Dehumidifier

  1. One of the best dehumidifiers to reduce dust mites and mold allergies.
  2. Washable air filters (using a vacuum cleaner).
  3. Silent operation.

6. Midea Cube 35 Pint Dehumidifier

midea cube dehumidifier

Keeping up with the list as the best dehumidifier for allergies, we have the Midea Cube 35 pint Dehumidifier. The unit comes with the ability to cover an area of 3,500 square feet and can extract up to 35 pints of moisture from the air. Although the extraction rate is 35 pints of moisture, the unit is believed to function equivalent in capacity to a 70 pint dehumidifier.

Similar to a 70 pint dehumidifier, this 3,500 sq ft energy star dehumidifier is the perfect choice for any area. Laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, crawl space; any size and type of room will benefit from this whole-house dehumidifier. The reason is, this is one of the best dehumidifiers for allergies that can extend to its full size and then be stored in a nested design; either with limited space or when you have dry air.

Other special features of this electric mini dehumidifier include; energy star certified model, adjustable fan speed, perfect capacity like a 70 pint dehumidifier model for high humidity areas, keeps away dust mite spreading, can automatically shut when the unit is full, washable filter that is easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner, electronic control panel, and control lock, suitable design for crawl space areas, basements, or an entire house.

Are you convinced that this dehumidifier will help you stop mold growth in your home and keep away allergy symptoms? Visit Amazon.com now to get this unit at the best offer price and keep your home safe from indoor allergies!

Pros and Cons of Midea Cube 35 pint Dehumidifier

  1. Convenient design and compact size.
  2. Easy to use with simple electronic controls.
  3. Energy star certification.
  4. The unit can be adjusted to make use of maximum capacity when required.
  5. Absence of removable water tank, easy hassle-free emptying with continuous draining option.

7. CLEVAST Dehumidifier

pure enrichment dehumidifier

As the final unit on the list, we have CLEVAST Dehumidifier as the best dehumidifier for allergies. With a 22 pint unit and the capacity to maintain the ideal humidity level of an area of 1,500 square feet, this energy star dehumidifier is widely appreciated for its efficiency.

The capacity of the unit is perfect for medium to small-sized areas. It can be used for any room in the house, or even for a basement or crawl space in need of dehumidification. This energy star 22 pint dehumidifier can keep away the dust mite population and other allergens that cause allergies.

If you are looking for an electric mini dehumidifier, you can give CLEVAST Dehumidifier a try. Its smart design, caster wheels for portability, and sturdy unit are capable of achieving the perfect moisture removal one expects.

Other features that make this model one of the best dehumidifiers in the market include; a water bucket that is easy to use and clean, 24-hour moisture extraction, auto defrost and auto shut off, manual and gravity draining facility, etc.

Does CLEVAST Dehumidifier have the specifications you expect from small dehumidifiers to remove moisture from your home? Be it your bedroom or small crawl space, visit Amazon.com to purchase this unit at the best price and check for yourself the dehumidification CLEVAST Dehumidifier guarantees you.

Pros and Cons of CLEVAST Dehumidifier

  1. Trustworthy design for an Energy Star electric mini dehumidifier.
  2. Automatic shut-off, auto defrost, adjustable humidity setting, highly efficient air filter to trap dust mites and mold, powerful unit to draw up to 30 pints of moisture per day, etc; are a few of the many successful features this unit sports.
  3. Convenient design and size to carry out dehumidification in any small to the medium-sized area, like kitchen or crawl space.

How do dehumidifiers work for allergies?

how dehumidifier works for allergies

Dehumidifiers are essential devices to keep away allergies. The cause of allergens to spread and proliferate is when there is more moisture than required in the surroundings and the humidity level is increased. A rise in the humidity level paves way for dampness, moist warm air, and a heavy atmosphere.

This is the perfect environment for allergens to thrive. It can be dust mite or mold, all types of allergens love poor ventilated, dark, and high humid areas. When the dehumidifier works to maintain the humidity level of the area at the desired level it is no longer a suitable environment for the allergens. Hence, their growth is curbed and that is why you must invest in dehumidifiers to keep allergies away.

Try These 6 Steps At Home To Tackle Indoor Allergens

It is possible to reduce the amount of dust mite population that thrives indoors, along with other allergens. Here are 6 effective ways to tackle indoor allergens.

  1. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers are necessary investments that can keep the humidity level of any space under check and the air clean respectively. Consider investing in the right unit that will meet your needs.
  2. Limit on showering time and ensure that you turn On an exhaust fan or dehumidifier after you shower. The steam from hot showers pave way for mold growth in bathrooms.
  3. Leaking roof, cracks on windows, doors, ceiling, etc; all leaks have to be fixed to keep dampness away.
  4. Mold remediation cannot be put away. Clean mold and mildew immediately.
  5. Keeping doors and windows closed when there are heavy winds outside will help you to avoid pollen and dust mites from getting inside your home.
  6. Pet dander is a common allergen that can also be controlled by vacuuming the home as often as possible.

Our Verdict

After careful evaluation of the list of best dehumidifiers to handle indoor allergies, we highly recommend Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier. You can always do your own research and purchase the model that best suits your personal requirements. Consult with a professional before you buy the dehumidifier for your home.

FAQ Section

1. Do dehumidifiers help for cat allergies?

Yes. Some models of dehumidifiers have HEPA filtration technology that is one of the best to trap all types of allergens, including cat dander.

2. Do air purifiers help with allergies?

Yes! Air purifiers are excellent devices that can trap microscopic allergens. Always remember that the air filters must be cleaned or changed as required to maintain the efficiency of the filtration process.

However, air purifiers can only purify the air. They have very little effect on the humidity levels which can be the root cause of allergens thriving in most scenarios.

3. Will a dehumidifier help allergy headaches?

Yes. When the allergens are removed from the space, the symptoms of allergies will also disappear. Maintaining the ideal relative humidity levels of the area will have a significant improvement on your health.

4. Why are allergies worse at night?

Allergies are worse at night because cooler temperatures welcome pollen into the place. Nights are also the time when you might sleep in with the pollen and allergens you have collected along the course of the day in your hair, clothes, and home.

Final Words:

That’s an end to the article. We trust you found the article helpful and could meet the unit that is going to keep your home safe from allergens. Share with us, your experiences on handling indoor allergies with ease and the dehumidifiers that have helped you achieve it.


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