Choose The Best Dehumidifier For Gun Safe [Top 8 Reviewed]

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

Want the best gun-safe dehumidifier? Read this before buying.

Rusting occurs when there is too much moisture in the air or a high level of humidity in the atmosphere. This corrosive action will hinder the performance of the firearms you own and also reduce the longevity of their lifetime. Dehumidifiers for gun safes are essential for protecting armed weapons against corrosion and moisture damage.

Numerous dehumidifiers are being designed for specific uses. There are different types of dehumidifiers that can be used in a gun safe or closet, such as mini dehumidifiers, canister dehumidifiers, etc. We explain here what the best gun-safe dehumidifiers are, what sizes they come in, how they work, and more. These are the four gun-safe dehumidifiers we highly recommend:

8 Best Dehumidifiers For Gun Safes (July 2024)

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickLOCKDOWN Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod LOCKDOWN GoldenRod DehumidifierSize: 23.2 x 4.4 x 1.1 inches
Additional Features: Lifetime Warranty, Attachable Legs
Runner UpPEET Safe Dehumidifier For Guns PEET, SafeKeeping Dryer and Dehumidifier for Gun SafesSize: 9 x 7 x 4 inches
Additional Features: 5 Year Warranty, Prevents Condensation
Eva Dry Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier New Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier Protects Gun SafeSize: 23.5 x 8.2 x 1.6 inches
Additional Features: Moisture meter crystals, Built-in heater
Hornady Dehumidifier Rod Hornady Gun Safe DehumidifierSize: 17.3 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches
Additional Features: Snap-On mounting brackets, 7 Watts Coverage
Lockdown gun saver LOCKDOWN GunSaver DehumidifierSize: 18 x 6 x 1 inches
Additional Features: Quick Plug Attachment
Wiseorb Gun Safe Dehumidifier Wiseorb Gun Safe DehumidifierSize: 6.5 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches
Additional Features: Small, lightweight and requires no batteries
Dry Packs Cannister Dehumidifier Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister DehumidifierSize: 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches
Additional Features: Easy to reactivate
Interteck silica gel packets INTERTECK PACKAGING 120 Gram Silica Gel PacketsSize:  5 inches x 5.5 inches
Additional Features: remains dry at maximum saturation

1. LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Best Dehumidifier For Gun Safe

First, on the list, we have LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod. This dehumidifier has a low profile design, it is easy to use and install. It is 18 inches in length, has a 6-foot cord, and can absorb moisture by covering an area of up to 200 cubic feet. It helps you to make sure that your firearms are protected against rust and corrosion.

The dehumidifier rod comes with attachable legs for efficient placement. The product also has a cord with a quick plug attachment to allow for the cord to run through the back of the safe and then plugged in. This comes in handy when the safe lacks an internal electrical outlet. Apart from protecting all your firearms while fitting in the smaller, less usable areas of the safe, the product also comes with an amazing lifetime warranty.

This could be one of the best ways to have a gun safe with a dehumidifier that can keep the space free from moisture and humidity. Whether the air around you requires humidity and moisture control on boats, storage spaces, or gun safes; this LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod will keep your firearms protected. It comes with the added advantage of being available in different sizes, which makes it suitable for being fitted into any gun safe or closure.

The 4 different sizes that this gun safe dehumidifier is available in are as follows; 36″, 24″, 18″, 12″. The 36-inch dehumidifier rod has been designed to cover an area of 500 cubic feet. The 24-inch rod can cover up to 300 cubic feet, the 18-inch rod can remove moisture from 200 cubic feet, and the 12-inch rod can keep your gun safe free from humidity damage by covering an area of up to 100 cubic feet.

The product comes with mounting brackets that aid in the easy installation of an electrical plug. Rest assured that your firearms are safe in a non-toxic environment with one of the best gun-safe dehumidifiers manufactured in the USA.


✔️ Comes with a lifetime warranty
✔️ Performance is as expected
✔️ Installation is simple and seamless
✔️ Manufactured in the USA
✔️ Reasonable price for the performance


❌ None

2. PEET, SafeKeeping Dryer, and Dehumidifier for Gun Safes and Cabinets

Peet Dehumidiifer

Preserving the life of your guns and maintaining the quality of firearms is simple with PEET SafeKeeping Dryer. This dehumidifier for gun safes and cabinets aims to absorb moisture from the air and keep humidity under check. Excess moisture can lead to rusting of the ammunition. This best gun-safe dehumidifier has been designed to circulate warm air and remove the humidity from the cabinet, thereby preserving the life of the guns you own.

PEET SafeKeeping Dryer is simple and easy to install. The installation instructions come along with the product, which requires you to just set it up and plug it in! You would be happy to learn that this gun-safe dehumidifier not alone extends the life of the firearms that you have, but it does it without burning a hole in your pocket. The reason why PEET SafeKeeping Dryer takes its place as one of the best gun-safe dehumidifiers is that it has been built to remove humidity from the air by using minimal electricity than what a standard light bulb does. It can work seamlessly and silently while covering an area of up to 300 cubic feet.

Your gun safe gets the protection it needs against the corroding effects of excess moisture with this simple gun safe dehumidifier. Gun damage problems can be resolved with ease by plugging in this best gun-safe dehumidifier into any 110-120 volt U.S. household current. The dehumidifier immediately starts to absorb moisture and keep the air around your gun safe dry. On the purchase of the product, you procure a 5-year warranty. Discuss in detail with the company further information with regards to warranty, guarantee, performance expected for your gun safe area, and more, before you purchase the product.


✔️ Easy installation process
✔️ Keeps the humidity level under control
✔️ Performs as expected


❌ None

3. New Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier

Eva Dry Mini Dehumidifier

Are there small spaces in your home in dire need of moisture control? Are you tired of damp documents and wet gym bags? Set your worries to rest with the New Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier. This mini dehumidifier is the perfect partner you need to keep small closed areas in your home dry and free from moisture. Be it gun safes, cabinets, toolboxes, closets, washer/dryer closets, wardrobes, jewellery boxes, or even gym bags- New Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier is here to keep them dry and clean.

With the help of Crystallized Silica Gel Technology, this mini dehumidifier works efficiently to transform moisture-filled damp air into breathable dry and fresh air. It is wireless, non-toxic, mesh-free, and safe for use. Given its small size and convenient functioning, it can cover an area of up to 333 cubic feet effortlessly. Its portable design and efficiency bring it under the list of best gun-safe dehumidifiers in the USA.

Apart from being the ideal dehumidifier for small spaces, it is also eco-friendly, renewable and reusable. It has a capacity of 6oz to hold the moisture absorbed from the air across 333 cubic feet. This mini dehumidifier has an interesting system to identify its moisture removal. There are beads within the device that turn BLUE when dry, and PINK when it is wet. If the beads are PINK, simply recharge the device for 12 to 15 hours and reuse when the beads have turned BLUE again. Upon each renewal, the device can function for 2 to 3 weeks. However, this timeline may vary depending on the climatic conditions and region. The higher the humidity, the quicker the need to recharge.

New Eva-Dry E-333 Dehumidifier comes with one year warranty and lifetime support on the purchase of the product. The company further guarantees that the device’s performance and absorption rate is far greater than the traditional soluble humidity absorbing products. Remember to read the manual thoroughly on how to recharge the device. The safe and best way recommended is to use an extension cord and set the device on a concrete floor. If you require humidity control for small spaces this mini dehumidifier could be the best pick for you.


✔️ Crystallized Silica Gel Technology
✔️ Eco-friendly design
✔️ 333 cubic feet area coverage
Portable design
✔️ Non-toxic, meshfree, safe to use


❌ Instructions not clear

4. Hornady 95903 Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod

Hornady Dehumidifier Rod

Is high humidity in your gun safe a persistent problem that you face? Hornady 95903 Gun Safe Dehumidifier can fix this trouble for you. Maintain the temperature in gun safes, cabinets, and other small enclosures at a level that is a little higher than the ambient level to drive out humidity. Protect your guns from the corrosive action of excess moisture in the air with the Hornady 95903 Gun Safe Dehumidifier.

This 12-inch heating rod has been designed to provide you with excellent moisture absorption, with a coverage of 7 watts for an area of 100 cubic feet. This portable dehumidifier has been known to keep guns, firearms, gun accessories and, ammo safeguarded from mold, mildew, dampness, and rust. Being a simple reusable gun-safe dehumidifier heating rod, it comes with easy installation and portability.

This electric dehumidifier just requires to be mounted either vertically or horizontally, as per your convenience, using the snap-on mounting brackets that come along with the product. It is recommended that the optimal place to fix dehumidifiers in small places is closer to the floor; this holds good for gun safes, gun locker, rifle safes, and closets.

Equipping your gun safe with the dehumidifier is quite straightforward; you can remove the 100 V plug to install the cord through small holes or openings. Once plugged in the device begins to absorb excess moisture from the air, thereby eliminating the chances of condensation within the gun safe. You also can leave behind the concern of recharging this gun-safe dehumidifier since it is always plugged in. Do you think this product is among the rest gun-safe dehumidifiers that meet your needs precisely? If yes, consult further with the company regarding the performance, durability, and warranty before you purchase the product


✔️ Good performance gun safe dehumidifier for indoor use
✔️ Keeps the humidity under control and air dry as promised
✔️ Covers an area of up to 100 cubic feet effectively


❌ Mounting screws are a problem

5. LOCKDOWN GunSaver Dehumidifier

Lockdown Gun Saver Dehumidifier

Wondering what is the need to install your gun safe with dehumidifier? To ensure your ammo collection is safeguarded from the damaging effects of mold, mildew, rust, excess humidity, and dampness; it is essential to invest in good gun-safe dehumidifiers. Next on the list of the best gun-safe dehumidifier, we have LOCKDOWN GunSaver Dehumidifier. This is a simple 12-inch dehumidifier that has been designed specifically to keep your firearms protected against moisture. The small design, convenient size that uses only the least used areas of a closet or gun locker, and excellent function; give you the assurance that you are covered.

The device comes with a 6-foot cord, 110-120 volt AC plug, and with an inbuilt capacity of covering an area of up to 200 cubic feet. You can stay confident that the air within this area is fresh and dry and that your guns are safe. Installing the rod is easy; it can be done with the help of attachable legs. You will also find a cord with a quick plug attachment that can permit the cord to be run through the back of the safe and then plugged in.

The simple and small design can fit into any enclosed space conveniently, while it can actively remove excess moisture and humidity. This makes it one of the best dehumidifiers that you will come across. Moreover, this dehumidifier is also available in two other sizes; the 18 inches and 12-inch versions respectively. Make sure to check all the models and versions to choose which would best suit your need.


✔️ Impressive performance
✔️ Economical cost for a good dehumidifier
✔️ Easy to mount


❌ Coverage area could have been more

6. Wiseorb Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Wiseorb Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Next on our list of dehumidifiers, we have Wiseorb Gun Safe Dehumidifier. Rust, mold, mildew, and dampness are things of the past with this smart dehumidifier. Enclosed spaces like closets, gun safes, cabinets that are prone to the corrosive action of increased humidity can use this dehumidifier to resolve the problem. Your firearms will stay protected, with a prolonged lifetime when you invest in this dehumidifier to manage the moisture in the air in your gun safe.

The innovative addition to this dehumidifier is the built-in indicator system.

This mini dehumidifier can be recharged and reused, thereby making it a conservative and eco-friendly option. When it is time for the device to be recharged, the indicator will signal the user. If you notice that the color has changed from orange to green, it means it’s time to recharge the canister. This product does not require batteries, making it available for a lifetime of use by simply recharging it when necessary. To recharge the device you have to simply place the unit in the oven at 250ºF for three hours.

The design is small, lightweight, and compact; hence, it is easily portable and an ideal choice for a dehumidifier to fit into small spaces. Its 4 and 1/4-inch diameter cylinder has a capacity to cover a small area of 560 cubic feet. Keeping valuables safe is now easy with this mini dehumidifier with its silica gel technology. However, remember that the frequency of recharging the unit depends entirely on the environment where the dehumidifiers are placed in. The higher the humidity, the more often the need to recharge. The product does not specific lifetime warranty, but it does guarantee your lifetime usage.


✔️ Convenient design; compact and small
✔️ Recharging is easy; simply place it in the oven
✔️ Silica gel technology
Performance is as expected 


❌ Durability is questionable

7. Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier

Dry Pack Cannister Dehumidifier

Adding to the list of silica gel dehumidifiers, here we have Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier. Are you struggling to protect your belongings from rust and dampness? The easy solution comes to you with this Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier. The device is small, compact, and easily portable. It does not require batteries or cords to be recharged again. Its simple and elegant size makes it easy to be placed on any small face that has dampness causing havoc.

This might be your gun case, ammo storage, electronics, camera bag, shoes, toolboxes, cabinets, drawers, tackle boxes, backpacks, camping gear, RV’s, trailers, storage bins, coin collections, craft supplies, etc. Does it sound like these silica gel dehumidifiers might be of help? They guarantee you that they will not disappoint you.

Its mechanism is straightforward. The dry-pack steel dehumidifier contains 750 grams of silica gel. The top end of the canister has excellent grade orange indicating silica beads. Upon moisture absorption from the air, these beads change color from Orange to DARK GREEN.

When this happens, it is signaling to you that it needs to be reactivated. This color change happens when the silica gel is about 60 percent absorbed with moisture, giving you enough time to reach the canister. You can be assured of unlimited use for years together due to the hassle-free reactivation. To reactive, place the unit in the oven for a couple of hours at the mentioned temperature.


✔️ Compact size for a dehumidifier
✔️ Reactivation of silica gel is effortless
✔️ Performance is as expected
✔️ Covers a small area, ideal for indoor use
✔️ Cobalt chloride free


❌ Does not have a lifetime warranty

8. INTERTECK PACKAGING 120 Gram Silica Gel Packets

Interteck Gel Dehumidifier

As the final product on the list of the best dehumidifiers for gun safes, we have INTERTECK PACKAGING 120 Gram Silica Gel Packets. Do you need protection against moisture and humidity on the go? These silica gel packets could be the solution you are looking for. These are non-indicating silica gel packets that are great to act against moisture build-up, corrosion, and rust. The convenient size of the packets makes them portable and extremely simple to use. You just have to toss them into the areas in need of humidity control and the job is taken care of!

INTERTECK PACKAGING silica gel packets are highly recommended for food, drugs, clothing, jewelry, electronics, cameras, books, documents, photos, firearms, ammo cans, etc. Moreover, these are tear-proof, dust-free packets that aim for maximum protection from humidity and moisture from the air. If you are not convinced or do not find the beads remaining dry at maximum saturation, the company guarantees to provide you with a full refund. If you are on the go and require protection against humidity build-up in the air, these silica beads would be the ideal choice to settle with.


✔️ Small size that is portable and easy to use
✔️ Multipurpose silica bead


❌ None

With this, we have reached the end of our list of 8 Best Dehumidifiers for Gun Safes. Before you invest in one, carefully scrutinize the purpose, requirement, and expectation you have of dehumidifiers. Let’s head over to learn more about storing guns with care and the two major types of dehumidifiers that are ideal to safeguard a gun safe against moisture.

Will guns rust in safes?

Yes, they will! You might be surprised to learn that the rate at which guns rust in a safe is faster than when they are left outside. Storing firearms within a gun safe has its own challenges. The reason behind the rusting process is a certain chemical reaction, which is quite basic and simple to comprehend.

When iron or/and its alloys come in direct contact with water, moisture, or oxygen; it leads to a process called oxidation. In layman’s terms, ‘Rusting’. The reason why rusting happens within a gun safe is the materials used in making, apart from the air within the cabinet that the gun comes in contact with. Gun safes are made using a thin steel shell. This is lined with gypsum board or drywall and carpet. These on the other hand are manufactured using formaldehyde and pyrite, which is nothing other than iron sulfide. Pyrite reacting with moisture and oxidation in the air doesn’t just stop with oxidation. It goes further and creates sulphuric acid as well which is notorious for aggravating oxidation.

The only metal that rusts is iron and its alloys. However, a similar chemical breakdown process that other metals experience is known as corrosion. Gun safes are also available in a complete steel build, but the guarantee that they will keep the process of rusting away is minimal. Unless they are completely airtight, they will be unable to keep away the other elements that cause corrosion and rusting. Temperature fluctuations within any cabinet are prone to happen, and this might lead to condensation which again makes rusting worse. It is essential to maintain the relative humidity level within a gun safe within 50 to 55 percent, and the temperature at 70 degrees. This is where dehumidifiers come into play to make things easier and to entirely remove the chances of rusting.

What is the best way to safely store a gun?

There is more than one option to store a gun safely. But the best among them is using a gun safe. Owning firearms comes with great responsibility. You have to be cautious about where you store them and how you store them. Keeping firearms out of the reach of children and wrongdoers is CRUCIAL! Ensuring that your storage space has a locking mechanism is highly essential. This can prevent accidents for you and for those around you.

The best way to store a gun is by using a gun safe. They can be mounted anywhere to suit your convenience, they are designed to hold firearms, and can also have a digital lock system. There are various models available that you can choose from. They might differ to suit the type of firearms and the number of firearms they can contain. However, remember that a gun safe can store your ammo, but it is not designed to safeguard them against high humidity. Installing dehumidifiers is the wise choice to prevent your firearms from rusting away. Check the list above to pick out the dehumidifiers that will best suit your gun safe.

why you need a dehumidifier

Best gun safe accessories available in the market

It is interesting to know more about the different accessories made for a gun safe and the thought that went behind making them. Here are some of the gun-safe accessories that can be truly helpful.

Light kits: It is obvious that your gun safe will be dark and get darker at night. Unable to see clearly to the back of your gun safe? There are lighting kits to help you out.

Dehumidifier: There is no denying that this is absolutely important and necessary!

Night access: Operating the safe at night when it is pitch dark is difficult. A night access light will make things easy for you by illuminating above the lock when it knows you are trying to open it.

Organizers: You can organize all the firearms that you have inside the safe using drawers, pistol organizers, on the door you can use door panel organizers, long gun organizers, and more!

Alarm: If there is someone trying to tamper with your lock, you ought to be signaled about it! There are security systems now available, that provide the option of getting notified on your phone if ever someone attempts to open the safe.

Mounting kits: Finding the right place for a gun safe and mounting it or installing it is equally important. Bolting it down to the floor is the best option! If there are firearms on the door panel, there are good chances that the safe might topple given the weight in the front. Solution- bolt it down!

Types of Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Electric Dehumidifier Rod: This is one of the best options to keep humidity at bay within a gun safe. It is definitely expensive in comparison to silica gel, but it comes with no maintenance. If your gun safe has an inbuilt electrical outlet, you can simply plug in the rod inside the safe. If it does not have an internal electrical outlet, you can simply drill in to make space to run cords through. Most dehumidifier rods now available assure to consume minimal energy while providing maximum protection against humidity. These dehumidifiers take very minimal space and can adjust the relative humidity level within the cabinet or safe. Your firearms will remain rust-free and corrosion-free.

Desiccant Silica Gel: The cheaper option to prevent your ammo from rusting away is using Desiccant Silica Gel. These can absorb the excess moisture inside the cabinet. The advantage of using silica gel is that they are cheaper, reusable, can do a fairly good job. The disadvantage is that you have to keep track of recharging them (by reheating them in the oven), despite the color-changing indicator. Silica gel is a good option when it comes to a gun case; for larger gun safes you will require a good amount of silica gel to keep the rust away.

Our Verdict

🥇 Winner – LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier

Dimensions – 23.2 x 4.4 x 1.1 inches
Cord Length – 6 Foot
Coverage Area – 200 cubic feet
Warranty – Lifetime

Best Dehumidifier For Gun Safe

FAQ Section

1. Where should we put a gun safe in our house?

Every gun owner is concerned about finding the right place for the guns they own. The gun safe must be in a place where others in the house have limited access. Most importantly, the safe must have a strong lock mechanism. A gun safe is best kept in the bedroom, bolted down onto the floor so that it cannot be moved around in case of theft. It must be out of the reach of children, thieves, wrongdoers, and other family members. Never take lightly every probability that might lead to an accident.

Fire, electricity, water, air- the safe must be away from these. balcony, kitchen, and living room areas are other poor choices of a place to keep them safe in. Ensure the gun safe in your bedroom is secured with a traditional locker, passcode, or digital system. Be certain that none have access to opening them.

2. What size dehumidifier rod should we use for a gun safe?

The size of the dehumidifier rod for your gun safe depends on the area you are looking to cover. Each rod comes with a difference in performance. The longer the rod, the larger the area coverage. It also depends on the climatic conditions of the place you reside in. If you face troubles from high humidity in every other part of your home, you are most likely to have trouble in the gun safe too.

3. How does a dehumidifier rod work in a gun safe?

A dehumidifier rod works by increasing the temperature inside gun safe. The warm air which circulates inside the gun safe will prevent and protect the guns from moisture thereby stopping the formation of rust.

Final Words:

With this, we have reached the end of this article. Hope you find the information helpful, and it makes it easier for you to settle with the dehumidifying option that works for your home (or office). Be it an electrical dehumidifier rod or the desiccant silica beads; choose the one that would provide the maximum security for your firearms against corrosion and rust. Let us know which gun safe you own and what the best dehumidifiers have worked for you. For more details on the best dehumidifiers that exactly fit all your needs, click here.


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