Top Picks For The Best Dehumidifier For Indoor Pool in 2024

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

Want the best dehumidifier for your indoor pool? Read this before buying.

A spa and indoor pool are the perfect places to relax.

It can be the right place to go when the weather heats up and air conditioners aren’t providing you with the comfort and relief you want. Besides relaxing, some people use spas as a way to rejuvenate and shed some energy. A pool can be both a relaxing place for you to relax and an excellent way to burn some energy if that is what you are looking for.

Indoor pools and spas require costly maintenance, however. Many factors determine a swimming pool’s quality, such as the building’s infrastructure, materials, water quality, and air moisture. 

It is not uncommon for a pool area or spa area to have high humidity levels.

A pool room’s increased humidity levels can cause substantial damage, however. In order to handle this, we need proper dehumidification systems.

Keep reading to learn why having the right dehumidifier for an indoor pool is good practice.

What should the humidity be in an indoor pool?

Ventilation, water evaporation, damp ground; are major contributing factors that lead to rising humidity levels in the pool environment. Both spa area and pool area are always higher than the room temperature and ideal humidity level.

This is because pool water and spa water are always heated to give the comfort the guests look for. When this happens, a large amount of water vapor is generated. This extra heat is why pool temperature is higher than in most homes. All spas, public swimming pools, or any indoor swimming pool are expected to maintain a relative humidity level of under 60%.

“It is recommended that you maintain it at 50 to 55% at 26°C during winters and 23°C during summers. When the humidity level in a pool room exceeds this level, one will begin to encounter mold problems and other signs of home damage.”

When you have an indoor swimming pool, it is crucial to ensure that your home is protected against interior damage, wood rotting, paint damage, metal corrosion, mold and mildew, health issues, musty or foul odor, and other problems that result from moisture becoming excess in the air and seeping into the building’s structure.

Keeping a check on this issue is easy by investing in a good indoor swimming pool dehumidifier unit and a humidistat. These units are excellent options that provide you with the necessary information on the present humidity level and temperature of your swimming pool.

What type of dehumidifier should be used for an indoor pool?

Indoor pool dehumidifiers are readily available to control the excess moisture and humidity in the environment. However, the reason why the pool environment is high in humidity is because of the poor dehumidification process. The problem arises when the air isn’t being ventilated thoroughly as it should be. Industrial dehumidifiers are the best options to handle the humidity in any indoor swimming pool.

The advantages and uses of an industrial dehumidifier for a swimming pool lie in the fact that they are sturdy and durable to withstand the erratic changes in pool temperature and humidity, they have their own ways of removing large amounts of water from large open spaces, they can be put to use to collect the evaporated pool water and replace them back into the swimming pool by setting up some simple hose connections.

3 Best Dehumidifiers For Indoor Swimming Pool (July 2024)

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickQuest Dehumidifier Quest Hi-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier✦ Reliable For Years
✦ Internal Condensate Pump For Automatic Moisture Removal
✦ Powerful Airflow (610 CFM)
Runner UpMOUNTO 180 Pint Dehumidifier MOUNTO 180 Pint Dehumidifier✦ Effortless Drainage
✦ Simple Control Panel
✦ Built-in Heavy Duty Pump
Budget PickWaykar Dehumidifier (1) Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier✦ Intelligent Humidity Control
✦ Portable Design
✦ Good Customer Support

1. Quest Hi-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier

Keep your indoor swimming pool room free from the high humidity and from the damaging effects of excess moisture with the Quest Hi-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier. Know the amazing features of this pool dehumidifier that can help to improve the air quality and provide adequate maintenance of your pool spa or indoor swimming pool room.

Best Dehumidifier For Indoor Pool


✔ The best heavy-duty high- capacity dehumidifier that can remove upto 92 pints of moisture at AHAM with the onboard humidistat set from 20% to 80%. This capacity is perfect to use as dehumidification systems for commercial setups like warehouses, spa and indoor pool houses, locker rooms, and stores.

✔ A reliable model that is durable and effective even in temperatures between 33 and 110 degrees F.

✔ The company offers 5 years warranty on the product.

✔ It has the option for optimal ducting, where one can duct this model to other rooms with the 12-inch duct inlet or simply duct it to let outdoor air inside. This is then run through the unit.

✔ Comes with an internal condensate pump that automatically pushes moisture to another location (it can move water up to 17 feet vertically or horizontally). The dehumidifier has a 20-foot hose included with the purchase.

✔ Compact and small design with wheels for easy portability.

✔ An efficient model that not alone removes more moisture in lower temperatures, rather it also removes more moisture per kilowatt-hour.

✔ Has powerful airflow where the fan moves air through the dehumidifier at 610 CFM. It has a MERV 11 filter to the system.

✔ This makes use of R-410A eco-friendly refrigerant.

Things we liked:

1. A dehumidifier system with an energy-efficient design that will be gentle on your energy bills.
2. High performance and durable design.
3. Portable unit that can be moved to other places in need of dehumidification.
4. Delivers results even under weather conditions with high heat and cooling as well.

Things we didn’t like:

1. On the higher side of the price point.

2. MOUNTO 180 Pint Dehumidifier

It is simple to remove excess water from the air and the pool area with this pool dehumidifier – MOUNTO 180 PPD Dehumidifier. Get seamless dehumidification in your swimming pool room with features that assure excellent performance.

MOUNTO 180 Pint Dehumidifier


✔ Comes with 210 CFM airflow volume that is capable of removing up to 150 pints of water from the air per day at saturation 90°F, 90%. It can remove 95 PPD at AHAM.

✔ Sturdy unit that can cover any large site, even up to 7,000 square feet area. One of the best dehumidifiers for flood and water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, and quick-drying in indoor gardening, greenhouses, pool spas, construction areas, marine environments, etc.

✔ The system has an internal heavy-duty condensate pump of 15 ft drain height. This connects with a 25 ft wrinkle-free long drain hose included in the unit.

✔ User-friendly model, portable and compact design.

✔ Compact and small design with wheels for easy portability.

Things we liked:

1. Performance is good.
2. Does a great job at humidity control, and provides some relief from the heat and humid atmosphere.
3. Energy-efficient design.

Things we didn’t like:

1. None.

3. Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier

Last on the list of dehumidifiers for the indoor pool we have Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier. Here are some ways in which this system works to prove that it is one of the best pool dehumidifiers.

Waykar Pool Dehumidifier


✔ Highly efficient dehumidification with the compressor that can remove 130 pints of water per day.

✔ The product has the latest features to carry out humidity control in the air in any pool room. The Humidity Auto Control feature allows one to adjust to your ideal moisture setting. The unit will be able to sense room humidity and carry out dehumidification to maintain pre-set humidity levels.

✔ This dehumidifier comes with a 6.56 feet drain hose. This is to carry out manual or continuous drainage.

✔ For continuous drainage by gravity, you would just have to connect with the drain hose and set your desire humidity (10-90%RH) and the unit will automatically turn off when it reaches the point.

✔ Automatic Shut-Off, Auto-Restart, Full Tank Indicator, 30 days Money Back Guarantee, 2-year warranty, etc; are the other added benefits that come with the purchase of this dehumidifier.

Things we liked:

1. Good price for the product
2. Coverage is sufficient for an indoor pool
3. Performance of the dehumidifier is as promised
4. Guaranteed energy efficiency and minimum noise level

Things we didn’t like:

1. Water removal and drainage system could be improved.

Why is dehumidification important to a swimming pool

Swimming pools undergoing dehumidification are essential to ensure that the pool water temperature is cooler than the air. This cooling factor of the pool water is important, and it must be 80°C water temperature. Apart from this, swimming pool dehumidification is one of the best ways to remove the chlorine water from the air in the pool area.

Poor or ineffective control over the air leads to other problems in the pool room like mold and mildew, corrosion of metal, wood rot, damage to the paint, etc. Hence pool dehumidifiers are required to keep these issues at bay.

How to maintain indoor pool dehumidifiers

Just like all other devices that handle air, pool dehumidifiers also call for timely maintenance and cleaning. The air filters that the equipment has within must be cleaned as often as suggested to remove any articles that can cause damage to health and property. Dust build-up and ice-build-up are not uncommon within dehumidifiers. Seek out professional help if the dehumidifier is removing less water than usual and have the condenser coils checked.

We have meticulously considered all the key parameters, specifications, and even customer reviews before offering our expert review on the best dehumidifier buy for indoor swimming pools.

Here is our verdict!

Our Verdict

Having had weighed the pros and cons from the information and reviews we have of our top 3 dehumidifiers for indoor pools, our verdict is as follows.

Best Dehumidifier for an Indoor Pool: Quest Dehumidifier
1. Excellent choice of dehumidifier for pools due to its seamless performance
2. Has a sturdy build and carries out dehumidification as promised for very large areas
3. Energy efficiency

Budget Pick: Waykar Dehumidifier
1. Good performance dehumidifier that is convenient for pools
2. Energy efficiency
3. The affordable price makes this is a comfortable choice for most people

FAQ Section

1. Do indoor pools cause mold

Yes! They do. Any place that is laden with moisture is a favourable habitat for mold growth. Indoor pool area that has a mold problem that is not taken care of will lead to health concerns like respiratory problems, skin allergies, rashes, eye infections, severe cough, and more. Having pool dehumidifiers installed will keep mold at bay by controlling the humidity.

2. Are indoor pools bad for your lungs?

It is a known fact that dehumidifiers make a lot of noise. The compressor, exhaust fans, and condensate pumps are vital contributors to the sound levels. On average, a home dehumidifier noise is rated around 55-60 dB, which is about the same as regular human speech sound level.

Some crawl space dehumidifiers tend to get noisier when the fan motor or compressor mounting brackets or screws become loose. This improper connection causes the fan or compressor to vibrate and become noisy. So whenever you feel that the dehumidifier in your crawl space has started becoming noisy, first unplug the dehumidifier and tighten any loose components. Even after tightening, if the noise increases, you may have to replace the fan or compressor.

3. How much to build an indoor swimming pool?

The exact cost to build an indoor pool will vary across each home; depending on the size of the pool, infrastructure, and the materials used. The cost range is found to be from $15000 up to $200 000.

4. How do you calculate dehumidification?

There are many tools available online to help one calculate the dehumidification process on dehumidifiers. The formula will require room or pool dimensions, present humidity, desired humidity, present temperature, and room volume.

Final Words:

With this, we have reached the end of our article. Hope you have found the best dehumidifier one can find for their pool room or pool area.

Let us know which dehumidifiers do you think are the best for an indoor swimming pool or spa rooms.


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