A Definitive Guide For Buying The Best Dehumidifier Under 100 Dollars

Last updated on: May 1, 2024.

There are a number of problems homeowners face when they are confronted with excess moisture or high relative humidity levels.

Dehumidifiers save most homes and people from excess moisture damage. Whether it’s a small room or a large room, dehumidifiers are capable of maintaining ideal humidity levels.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on dehumidifiers to extract moisture, you can do it with the few best dehumidifiers under $100!

Let’s take a look at some of the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars that are available on the market, a few desiccant dehumidifier options, and the pros and cons of having a mini dehumidifier! Let’s begin.

Do cheap dehumidifiers work?

Many dehumidifiers under 100 dollars come with a sturdy functional unit to deliver humidity control. Few dehumidifiers even have an adequate water tank to cover small to medium-sized rooms. The portable size of these mini dehumidifiers makes them easy to keep in any room in need of moisture extraction; bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

These small dehumidifiers are not just affordable, but also come with capable features like low noise operation (those without a compressor), mess-free humidity control with removable water tank, etc.

4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Dehumidifier That Is Under 100 dollars

It is important to put thought into buying any device, especially when it comes to a mini dehumidifier under 100 dollars. This will help your home or room get moisture removal to the best of the device’s ability.

1. Water extraction

How much water dehumidifiers are able to extract from the atmosphere and hold in their water tank is an aspect that one cannot omit. How much water the unit extracts can help you decide the size of the unit to suit the room. The model will mention how much water extraction you can expect at the temperature and relative humidity of the room.

2. Water tank

Small dehumidifiers come with a small water tank capacity. This will fill up faster and need emptying often, however, might work conveniently for a small room. Check how much of the extracted water the tank in the dehumidifiers of your choice can hold.

3. Noise

Dehumidifiers without a compressor are less noisy and can be an ideal choice for bedrooms and offices.

4. Portable

Most thermo electric dehumidifiers under 100 dollars come with a portable design. The small size is built to make moving the unit around easy.

Comparing 7 Best Dehumidifiers Under 100

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top PickProBreeze-Dehumidifier Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier✦ Highly Rated By People
✦ Large Capacity Water Tank
✦ Ultra Quiet
Runner UpTenergy 2 in 1 Tenergy Sorbi 1000ml Air Dehumidifier✦ True HEPA Filter
✦ Adjustable Fan Speed
✦ Auto Shut Off
Gocheer 800 sq ft Dehumidifier Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home✦ Energy Saving Dehumidifier
✦ 2000 ml Tank Capacity
✦ Dual Dehumidifier
TABYIK-Small-Dehumidifier TABYIK Small Dehumidifier✦ One-Button Control
✦ Lightweight
✦ Water Level indicator 
simsen 800sqft dehumidifier Simsen Dehumidifier for Home✦ Removable air filter
✦ Auto Shut Off
✦ Full tank indicator
NineSky-Small-Dehumidifier NineSky 95 Oz Dehumidifier for Home✦ Super Quiet Dehumidifier
✦ Compact & Portable
✦ Upgraded Dehumidification
pure enrichment budget dehumidifier Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier✦ High and Low speed settings
✦ 4 and 8 hour timer
✦ 5 year warranty

1. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

probreeze dehumidifier

First, on the list as the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars, we have Pro Breeze dehumidifier. Being one of the best dehumidifiers that is portable and perfect in performance for maintaining the relative humidity levels of an area.

The Pro Breeze dehumidifier is designed to cover small spaces. This small yet powerful dehumidifier capacity is 52 ounces. This mini dehumidifier can cover an area of up to 3000 cubic feet. An added advantage of the portable dehumidifier is its Auto Shut Off. The water tank will turn off automatically, after tuning on an LED indicator. This capable feature ensures that the water tank does not overflow even when the tank fills. When the water tank indicator is on, you can simply empty the tank and fix it back in.

Absorbing excess moisture from the air and keeping the humidity level in check is easy with this dehumidifier due to its performance, size, lightweight body, tank capacity, and power. The unit can remove water from the air at a rate of 18 ounces per day, covering an area of 250 square feet. These features make it the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars that one can get for medium-sized rooms, a bathroom, a bedroom, kitchens, a laundry room, and other very small spaces that can use moisture removal.

The performance and capacity of the Pro Breeze dehumidifier can be trusted for not just removing moisture from the air, but also keeping away dust mites, musty odors, mold, mildew, etc.

The other feature that makes this mini dehumidifier that choice you need for small spaces is its ability to work with high power while generating less noise. The ultra-quiet operation of these thermo electric dehumidifiers is the most sort after technology. The absence of a compressor helps thermo electric dehumidifiers with Peltier technology to function with less noise.

Pros and Cons of Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier:

  1. Best dehumidifier under 100 dollars.
  2. Auto shut off when the tank fills.
  3. Best tank capacity that is perfect for medium-sized rooms and any small space.
  4. Less noise generation and quiet operation (because it lacks a compressor) make it ideal for bedrooms.
  5. Energy efficient design.
  6. Maintains relative humidity level with ease and keeps moist and warm air away.
  7. Lightweight, portable, helps to maintain air quality by removing mold, dust mites, musty odors, etc.

2. Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier

tenergy front

Next on the list for dehumidifiers under 100 dollars, we have the Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier. Bid goodbye to high humidity and moisture with this mini dehumidifier model. Moisture removal and painting the ideal relative humidity level is taken care of seamlessly by this mini dehumidifier under 100 dollars.

The feature that makes this one of the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars is the powerful performance for its capacity. The small size can cover a room size of up to 200 square feet. The water tank can hold the 750 ml of water from the air that is extracted. The HEPA filter system ensures the air quality is perfect and free from dust mites and allergens.

The ultra-quiet operation that comes without the compressor for less noise function, low power consumption, capable unit, portable design to move the dehumidifier from one room to another, 2 years extended warranty offer, etc., are the other features that make this model one of the best thermo electric dehumidifiers under 100 dollars. If this dehumidifier seems perfect for your home and room size for humidity control, hurry now to have more air purification and excess moisture extraction to take place mess-free.

Pros and Cons of Tenergy Sorbi Air Dehumidifier:

  1. Ideal water tank capacity for very small spaces.
  2. Auto shut off feature for the water tank.
  3. Energy efficient design and low power consumption to help save on energy bills.
  4. Portable size to move from one room to another.
  5. Quiet operation without a compressor. Less noise generation is ideal for any space; bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, kitchen, office, etc.
  6. Capacity to operate in high humidity areas.
  7. Perfect choice for more air purification in any small room.
  8. 2-year warranty on purchase.

3. Gocheer Dehumidifier

Gocheer 800 sq ft Dehumidifier

Next on the list as the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars, we have Gocheer Dehumidifier. With a water tank capacity of 2000 ml and a unit that is capable to cover a room size up to 800 square feet, this mini dehumidifier under 100 dollars is the ideal pick for relative humidity control.

Like most other dehumidifiers under 100 dollars, this model also has impressive features. Low noise ultra-quiet operation because it comes without a compressor, lightweight portable design to move from one room to another, powerful dehumidifier unit to extract moisture and maintain humidity with ease, unit capable to cover medium-sized rooms to large rooms (could be the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom), Auto shut off function to prevent water tank overflows, energy efficient design that saves you from high energy bills, and more!

Does this Gocheer dehumidifier have the features to save your home from high humidity troubles and assure you of the best air quality? If yes, hurry to Amazon.com to get this best dehumidifier under 100 dollars now.

Pros and Cons of Gocheer Dehumidifier:

  1. One of the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars with power-packed performance to maintain relative humidity.
  2. Water tank capacity of 2000 ml.
  3. Excellent moisture extraction.
  4. Ideal for small space.

4. TABYIK Small Dehumidifier

TABYIK Small Dehumidifier

On the list of the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars, next, we have TABYIK Small Dehumidifier. The small ideal and portable design of this mini dehumidifier under 100 dollars is an affordable and smart choice to maintain the humidity levels in an area.

The TABYIK dehumidifier comes with a water tank capacity of 1000 ml and a unit that assures high performance in moisture extraction. The Auto shut off feature will turn off the water tank when full. Low power consumption design, lightweight portable body, and low noise operation make this powerful dehumidifier a great choice for moisture removal in small spaces.

Are you convinced the TABYIK small dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars for relative humidity maintenance and to keep the moist warm air away from your home? Hurry now to Amazon.com to purchase this dehumidifier at the best price!

Pros and Cons of TABYIK Small Dehumidifier:

  • The water tank and dehumidifier capacity is an ideal choice for small areas.
  • One of the best models of thermo electric dehumidifiers under 100 dollars.
  • Auto shut off feature in water tank prevents overflows.
  • Maintains relative humidity and extracts moisture seamlessly.
  • The absence of a compressor guarantees low noise functioning.
  • Improves air quality by keeping away mold spores, even in a bathroom.
  • Portable model, easy to move across large rooms as well.

5. SIMSEN Dehumidifier

simsen 800sqft dehumidifier

The next best dehumidifier under 100 dollars on the list is from SIMSEN. This small unit ensures that the space it is placed in is kept moist-free. Make the best use of the 95 oz water tank and features that come with this unit.

This SIMSEN dehumidifier can extract moisture from the surroundings and make any humid area light and breathable. Bid goodbye to musty odors, mold and mildew, dampness, and other concerns in your highly humid home.

The ultra-silent functioning feature of the unit guarantees disturbance-free dehumidification. Come with other helpful specifications like LED indicator, Auto shut off, removal tank, and washable air filter.

Pros and Cons of Simsen Dehumidifier:

  1. Simple yet effective features.
  2. 95 oz water tank capacity with 35 oz moisture extraction per day.
  3. Comes with high dehumidification condenser, activated carbon filter, and ionizer.
  4. Maintains air quality with its highly capable unit.

6. NineSky Dehumidifier

Get seamless dehumidification for any room in your home or RV with the NineSky Dehumidifier. This small dehumidifier is next on the list as the best dehumidifier under 100 dollars. With exceptional capability, this unit is designed to improve air quality, keep away mold, and maintain relative humidity.

Features that make this model the right spick for small areas include; compressor-free design for silent operation, Auto shut off, energy efficiency, and more.

Are you interested in this unit? If yes, visit Amazon.com now to learn more about the interesting and effective specifications this best dehumidifier under 100 dollars comes with.

Pros and Cons of NineSky Dehumidifier:

  1. Compact design.
  2. 7 changing lights technology.
  3. Energy efficiency.

7. Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier

pure enrichment dehumidifier

Last on the list we have Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier. Keeping away excess moisture and humidity can be done with ease with this unit. Dehumidification can be carried out effortlessly with the 2-speed levels, Auto Off, Timer, and transparent water tank.

Mess-free and high-level dehumidification can be yours with this dehumidifier model under 100 dollars. You also get a 5-year warranty on purchasing the unit. For more details on the specifications and offers on this model, head to Amazon.com.

Pros and Cons of Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier:

  1. High and low-speed settings.
  2. 4 to 8-hour timer settings to carry out dehumidification at your preferred pace.
  3. Whisper-quiet operation.
  4. 5-year warranty.

Is it better to buy 1 large dehumidifier or 2 small ones?

The number and type of dehumidifiers you need depend on the amount of moisture to be extracted from the space and the size of the area to be covered.

A large dehumidifier cannot be used on a small area with less humidity because it will dry the place excessively. Likewise, small dehumidifiers in a large humid space will be of little use.

How to clean a small dehumidifier?

Cleaning a small dehumidifier is easy.

  1. Turn off the unit and unplug the device.
  2. Empty the tank and rinse it with soap water and brush.
  3. Remove the air filter, rinse with soapy water and brush, air dry completely.
  4. Use a vacuum to clean the rest of the unit.
  5. Assemble the parts and turn them ON when dry.

Check out this video on emptying the water tank of a mini dehumidifier.

Our Verdict

The Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier is voted as the best dehumidifier unit under 100 dollars. Its smart features, sturdy body, and exceptional dehumidification make this the most sort after mini dehumidifier unit.

With this, we wrap this article. We trust you found the list of the best dehumidifier units under 100 dollars helpful. Share with us in the comments below the affordable ways of dehumidification you practice and the models that work best for your home.

FAQ Section

1. Is a small dehumidifier worth it?

Small dehumidifiers, whether desiccant dehumidifiers or electric dehumidifiers are worth investing in if they can control humidity effortlessly. Models with excellent quality and features are available, even with impressive warranty policies and automatic power on and off function (helpful to handle in places with a power outage).

2. Where to place small dehumidifier?

A small dehumidifier can be placed close to the source of moisture. Even the best dehumidifier must be placed correctly with its effectiveness.

3. Where to buy cheap dehumidifier?

Visit Amazon.com to get offers on the best dehumidifiers under 100 dollars for your home.

4. How do you make a homemade dehumidifier?

Homemade desiccant dehumidifiers can be made using simple products. Open containers and natural moisture-absorbing agents like milk whitener, rock salt, or baking soda can be used.

5. What size dehumidifier is needed for 100 square feet?

For a 100 square feet room or area, you can make use of small 20-pint or 30-pint dehumidifiers. Remember, large dehumidifiers for small areas will extra more moisture from the surrounding making the space excessively dry.

Final Words:

The Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier is voted as the best dehumidifier unit under 100 dollars. Its smart features, sturdy body, and exceptional dehumidification make this the most sort after mini dehumidifier unit.

With this, we wrap this article. We trust you found the list of the best dehumidifier units under 100 dollars helpful. Share with us in the comments below the affordable ways of dehumidification you practice and the models that work best for your home.


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