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Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

A Detailed Guide On Buying the Best Whole House Dehumidifier.

There is nothing more comforting than a home with the proper temperature. When the humidity level in the air is high, staying inside your house can be a real challenge. Besides excess moisture, there are additional problems associated with excessive moisture, such as mold and mildew, dust mites, pests, and property damage. Mold and mildew removal is time-consuming and expensive.

By removing excess moisture from the air, it is possible to regulate humidity levels. A whole-house dehumidifier makes all the difference! Dehumidification is the preferred method of keeping your house dry and safe from moisture damage.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best whole-house dehumidifiers for your home. Each whole house dehumidifier has its own unique features that promise to deliver the best results. Most whole-house dehumidifiers are designed to cover basements and crawl spaces as well. Check out the top whole house dehumidifiers on this list to find out more about their features, pros, and cons.

How does a whole-house dehumidifier work?

Whole-house dehumidifiers are installed to work in conjunction with a home’s heating and cooling system or HVAC. The device draws air through the return ductwork. The humidity levels in the environment are controlled by pulling in the warm, moist air into the unit, which is then cooled. This will result in the moisture in the environment being condensed into water droplets.

Benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier

Keeping your entire home free from moisture is crucial. Excess moisture in the air and high humidity levels can cause damage to property and also wreak havoc on health. Whole-house dehumidifiers function to keep your entire home safe from this damage. Here are some of their benefits:

🔸 Dehumdifies the entire home.
🔸 Can cover a large area.
🔸 Prevents damage from mold, mildew, pest infestation, bugs, indoor air pollution.
🔸 Helps to keep allergens away, like dust mites.
🔸 One whole-house dehumidifier is a better investment and also low maintenance than small portable dehumidifiers or cheap dehumidifiers.
🔸 Energy-efficient and can help to reduce utility bills.

10 Best Dehumidifiers For Whole House (July 2024)

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Best Ductedaprilaire-1830Pro-350x350 Aprilaire E100 Pro 100 Pint Dehumidifier Size: 34 x 15.42 x 17.1 inches
Weight: 64 lbs.
Additional Features: Smart sensing technology,
Interactive display, 5-year warranty 
Best Portablevremi-350x350 (1) Vremi 50 Pint DehumidifierSize: 16.6 x 11 x 24.3 inches
Weight: 41.6 lbs.
Additional Features:  Turbo mode, sleek, caster wheels
Runner UpUltraaire-70H Ultra-Aire 70 Pint Whole House DehumidifierSize: 12 x 28 x 12 inches
Weight: 55 lbs.
Additional Features: MERV 13 Filter, Built-In humidistat, Low Temperature Operation
SantaFe-Advance90 Santa Fe Advance90 DehumidifierSize: 19.4 x 14.5 x 26 inches
Weight: 80 lbs.
Additional Features: Optional Duct Kit, Super Efficiency, Independent Fan Control
SantaFe-Impact155 Santa Fe Impact155 DehumidifierSize: 21.75 x 20.25 x 38 inches
Weight: 140 lbs.
Additional Features: 155 Pints, Wide Temperature Range, Auto Restart
SantaFe-Classic Santa Fe Classic DehumidifierSize: 36 x 20 x 17 inches
Weight: 110 lbs.
Additional Features: 10-foot Power Cord, Drain Hose, Drain Hose
UltraAire-Vertical Ultra-Aire 120V Vertical DehumidifierSize: 40.25 x 20.5 x 17 inches
Weight: 118 lbs.
Additional Features: 124 pints, reliable, customisable features
Aprilaire-1870 Aprilaire 1870 130-Pint Whole House DehumidifierSize: 19.5 x 32.35 x 14.5inches
Weight: 81 lbs.
Additional Features: Auto Defrost Control, Built-In Digital Control with Display
Ultra-Aire-98H-wh Ultra-Aire 98 Pint Whole House DehumidifierCapacity: 18.75 x 19.5 x 30 inches
Weight: 113 lbs.
Additional Features: Small Cabinet Design, Low noise
Honeywell-65-Pint Honeywell TrueDRY Whole House DehumidifiersSize: From 12 x 12 x 28.5 inches
Weight: 60 lbs.
Additional Features: Silent Moisture Removal, Large Operating Range

1. Aprilaire E100 Pro Dehumidifier


1. 5 Year Warranty
2. Set it and forget it
3. Achieves Ideal Humidity


Aprilaire E100 Pro is by far the best ducted dehumidifier available in the market for this price. Just imagine, it removes up to 100 pints of water per day. The major advantage of this Aprilaire dehumidifier is, that it is a Low-Maintenance Dehumidifier that requires only once-in-a-year filter replacement.

This Aprilaire dehumidifier traps air-borne viruses and keeps relative humidity in check. If you want to buy a dehumidifier that can be permanently installed into your house and ensures powerful operation, the Aprilaire dehumidifier is the right one for you.

The only thing you need to do is to place the dehumidifier over the draining area and adjust the desired humidity level. And that’s it, Aprilaire will take care of the rest. Adding to the advantages, this dehumidifier is backed by a 5-year warranty which is very crucial since many low-cost dehumidifiers fail within one year. Invest in this whole house dehumidifier and be happy with your wise choice.


✔️ Powerful
✔️ Quiet
✔️ Value For Money


❌ No cons

2. Vremi 50 Pint 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier


1. Portable
2. Memory Feature
3. Quiet


If you are looking for a portable whole-house dehumidifier that removes moisture like a beast, then you must buy Vremi 50 Pint Dehumidifier. It has all the advanced features like Auto Defrost, Auto Shut Off, Memory Feature, and timer option. The most favorite feature of this Vremi Dehumidifier is its comfort mode, which helps in providing the right humidity for your home.

Vremi dehumidifier is available in 3 different sizes such as 1500 sq ft, 3000 sq ft, and 4500 sq ft models. It can also be used in a variety of places such as RVs, grow rooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, etc. The Turbo mode helps in eliminating the moisture completely.

This dehumidifier requires very less maintenance it requires washing the filter only once a month. If you want a compact but efficient dehumidifier for the entire house, the Vremi dehumidifier can work wonders for you.


✔️ Eliminates moisture problem
✔️ Easy to handle


❌ No cons

3. Ultra-Aire 70 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier


1. 6 Year Warranty
2. Ultra-Compact
3. Customizable Installation


Next among the best dehumidifiers to keep your whole house protected against moisture damage, we have Ultra Aire 70H Whole-House Dehumidifier. Maintaining healthy humidity in the air that is being circulated within your home is now simple and easy with this 70-pint dehumidifier. If you are on the lookout for a 70-pint dehumidifier with pump to cover smaller basements, attics, crawl spaces, condos, apartments, closet, etc., you can further research into this dehumidifier.

Covering an area of up to 1, 800 square feet, this 70-pint dehumidifier can be into your home’s existing HVAC system and ductwork to control humidity throughout the area you wish to cover. Its compact and versatile design makes it easy to fit into tight low-clearance spots. The outer cabinet design allows you to convert airflow discharge vertically or horizontally from the unit. The cabinet also allows easy access for DUAL side filters, making maintenance easy. These two features make installation in confined places easier.

The reason for this 70-pint dehumidifier being named ‘Most Efficient’ by Energy Star is attributed to its ability to consume 15% less energy to remove more moisture than similar-sized dehumidifiers. The built-in humidistat unit controls your desired humidity. You also acquire an optional remote humidistat—the Ultra-Aire DEH 3000 Digital Controller to set the desired humidity. As far as the continuous drainage options go, you have a condensate pump kit available that can be attached to drain condensate upward or across long distances to a nearby drain.

You can be assured of better air quality with the MERV 13 air filtration mechanism that works to trap allergens, dust mites, and particles that wreak havoc on health. Ultra Aire 70H Price, warranty, and powerful operation makes it one of the best dehumidifiers for the whole house in the industry.


✔️Compact design
✔️Energy Star certified
✔️Six and 2-year warranty on parts and labor respectively


❌ No cons

4. Santa Fe Advance90 Dehumidifier


1. Automatic Humidity Control
2. MERV-8 Air Filter
3. American-Made


Remove excess moisture from your environment and prevent damage to property and improve your health conditions with Santa Fe Dehumidifier. Being rated as one of the best whole house dehumidifiers on the market, this device assures to extract moisture and keep your living space comfortable and dry. With a 90 pints per day capacity, this dehumidifier can cover an area of up to 2,600 square feet. This area coverage can be PERFECT for a whole house, basements, crawl spaces, attics, and any space in need of dehumidification.

The features that make Santa Fe Advance90 an impressive dehumidifier is its powerful performance, capacity, and compact design. The humidity control knob makes it easy to maintain the humidity levels in the environment cycling the unit on and off 24 hours. Independent fan control, MERV 13 Filter for seamless air filtration, low-temperature operation with auto defrost, quiet functioning, and auto-restart after a power outage are few of the additional features that make this dehumidifier a worthwhile investment.

You can also customize your operations by purchasing an optional condensate pump kit for continuous drainage or an optional duct kit. The 6-year warranty is another bonus that you acquire on purchase. Are these features what you aim for in your whole house dehumidifier? If yes, discuss further with the company on their purchase policies thoroughly.


✔️ Efficient water removal
✔️ User friendly
✔️Quiet operation


❌ Heavy

5. Santa Fe Impact155 Dehumidifier


1. 155 Pints
2. up to 4000 Sq. Ft.
3. 6 Year Warranty


Next, on the list, we have Santa Fe Impact155 Dehumidifier. This is a premium whole-house dehumidifier with a large capacity. If you are looking to cover a large area for excess moisture removal, you should look into this one. This best whole-house dehumidifier can remove up to 155 pints of moisture per day at AHAM rating conditions of 80°F at 60% humidity, covering an area of 4,000 square feet. This capacity is SUFFICIENT to cover any basement and crawl space. You would be impressed to know that this dehumidifier assures to double up to 310 pints per day under 100% relative humidity. This extraction capacity for 24 hours is definitely impressive.

For efficient humidity control, the unit has three humidity settings – dry, normal, and humid. These can be set to choose what suits best for your space. The size and design of the dehumidifier are convenient for both finished and unfinished basements and crawl spaces. It has a horizontal design to make it fit easily into narrow and tight spaces. The shorter footprint of this dehumidifier makes it easy to be installed wherever necessary.

Santa Fe Whole House Dehumidifier comes with different options for ducting. You also have a couple of options for drainage facilities to choose from, based on which is most comfortable for your needs. If continuous drainage or gravity drain option is not an easy option, you can make use of the condensate pump option available. The kit that comes along with the product will give the option of running the drain hose upward and out through a window or around a doorway (that can be led out to your yard or garden).

Not to forget, if you are looking for an energy-efficient option, a condensate pump is a way to go. It has been designed to work with a float switch, that in return directs the pump to run only when it is required.

Apart from the high capacity, and low-temperature operation, there are some additional features that this product offers that make this dehumidifier for whole-house one among the best available in the market.

You can regulate the fan control with a switch that permits continuous fan operation or operation only when the unit is actively removing moisture from the air. The pleated MERV 13 air filter cleans the air as it enters the unit. This will make sure that the air that you breathe in is free from allergens.

You will get an 8-foot drain hose that can be attached to the unit to route to the drain. The Auto Restart unit will make the dehumidifier restart automatically after a power outage. Please note that the company recommends setting up a drain trap when installing any of its horizontal dehumidifiers, including Santa Fe Impact155. This will prevent the air from moving back up through the hose and back flowing water into the machine. If you find this dehumidifier the best suited for your home, check further with the company’s policy before purchase.


✔️ 4,000 square feet coverage
✔️ 6-year warranty


❌ Heavy or bulky
❌ The drain hole is low

6. Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier


1.  Hygrometer
2. External Condensate Pump
3. Long Life


Save your home from moisture with the Santa Fe Classic Dehumidifier. This whole house dehumidifier comes with a brilliant capacity to remove 110 pints of water for a day over a period of 24 hours, and approximately 220 pints at saturation or 100% relative humidity. Its capacity and performance are ideal for moisture removal and controlling humidity levels in large basements and crawl spaces. It can cover an area of up to 3,000 square feet effortless.

The features that make Santa Fe Classic one among the best whole house dehumidifiers are its simple controls that make operation easy and convenient, MERV 13 Filter that ensures the air quality of your environment is improved, auto defrost unit that protects the internal parts of your device, quiet operation that assures undisturbed atmosphere day and night, auto-restart, smooth-roll casters that makes portability easy.

The solid internal construction and a heavy-duty cabinet guarantee longevity and durability of the device. Does this dehumidifier meet the requirements for your household? If yes, discuss further with the company on their warranty policy before purchase.


✔️ Silent operation
✔️Easy installation
✔️Efficient water removal


❌ Not as compact as expected

7. Ultra-Aire 120V Vertical Whole House Dehumidifier


1. Condensate Pump Kit
2. Low Temperature Operation
3. Auto-Restart


Next on the list we have Ultra-Aire 120V 120-pint ventilating dehumidifier. Get humidity control for an area of up to 3,000 square feet, with 120 pints of moisture removal per day. The small footprint and dual-exhaust design of this whole house dehumidifier would be the perfect choice for your home, basement, mechanical room, or even large attics that have limited floor space.

The efficient performance of the product is backed by the removal of 7.6 pints of moisture per kWh, usage of 5.8 amps of power max, contributing to an Energy Factor of 3.6 liters per kilowatt-hour, customizable installation, etc. You also get an option MERV 14 Filter to ensure the air quality is enhanced and you do not permit more allergens circulating within your home.

You have a continuous drain option or even a condensate pump kit available. The product comes with a 6-year warranty on parts and 2 years on labor. If these features are what you expect from the whole house dehumidifier for your home, consult with the company on their purchase policy thoroughly before you make the move.


✔️ Ductable
✔️ Customisable features


❌ No Humidistat

8. Aprilaire 1870 130-Pint Whole House Dehumidifier


1. Auto Defrost Control
2. Adjustable Outlet Options
3. Levelling Feet


Save your house and family from the damages of excess moisture buildup with the Aprilaire 130 pint Dehumidifier. This whole house dehumidifier operates with a 130 pints per day capacity. If you are on the lookout for a dehumidifier with this efficiency to cover an area of up to 7,400 square feet, this one might be yours.

Among the list of dehumidifiers that can cover large spaces, Aprilaire 130 pint Dehumidifier is famous for its user-friendly function and performance. The air filter can be washed to keep it free from debris. An annual hose will also help you to make sure that the dehumidifier is functioning properly. It has also been noted that you get four times more efficient operation and 50% more moisture removal per kilowatt-hour. If your household requires this high power performance and capacity over a period of 24 hours to keep it dry and humidity under control, you can consider investing in this as a central dehumidifier for your home.

There are several other additional features in this whole-house dehumidifier that make it the best dehumidifier for large spaces. To mention a few, there is a built-in digital control with the display that is interchangeable to either the front or top of the dehumidifier. The duct collar is adjustable for top or side discharge applications. These adjustable outlet options make it convenient for use. The auto defrost control unit turns off the compressor and runs the blower until the coils are defrosted to protect the unit from damage.

You have a continuous drainage option with the drain port to gravity drain collected condensate. The absence of a water tank prevents messy water emptying. Additionally, this dehumidifier has 4 stabilizing rubber feet to ensure proper drainage. Upon the purchase of the Aprilaire 130 pint Dehumidifier, you get a 5-year warranty on unit replacement and all parts. Does this product meet all your requirements for effective humidity control? If this is the best whole-house dehumidifier that your home needs to improve air quality and remove excess moisture, look further into company policy before purchase.


✔️ Adjustable duct option
✔️ Easy to set up and install
✔️Silent operation


❌ Cannot be operated at low temperatures
❌ No Casters

9. Ultra-Aire 98 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier


1. Flexible Installation
2. Low Temperature
3. Efficient Air filtration


Are you in need of an energy star rated dehumidifier that can cover your whole house? Next on the list, we have Ultra Aire 98H Dehumidifier. This whole house dehumidifier has been designed to work in conjunction with HVAC systems and can be used in crawl spaces, basements, mechanical rooms. They can cover an area up to 2,300 square feet effortlessly. Keeping the air comfortable by maintaining the humidity levels could not get simpler. Know more about the features this whole-house dehumidifier offers.

Being one among the best whole house dehumidifiers that are Energy Star certified, this dehumidifier has a capacity to remove moisture from the air, up to 98 pints per day, while drawing just 5.9 amps and maintaining a 2.95 energy factor. You can be assured of energy efficiency from this model.

The compact design and product build are perfect to match multiple installations. The added insulation inside the dehumidifier cabinet and low noise impeller ensure that you get quiet operation. If you are looking for the best whole house dehumidifiers that assure silent functioning that will not interfere with your sleep, you should try this one.

The product comes with a 24-volt reset button to prevent damage to your 24-volt transformer in case low voltage wires are crossed. This guarantees transformer protection and safety. Working at low temperatures is not a difficulty anymore. You can have this 98H dehumidifier operating at temperatures as low as 49 degrees F.

The auto defrost function will automatically melt frost build-up in the unit to prevent damage. If you are convinced that these are the features that you expect from a whole-house dehumidifier for effective moisture removal, check further with company policy on their 6 and 2-year warranty on parts and labor respectively before purchase.


✔️ 98 pints per day moisture removal
✔️ Ductable
✔️ MERV 13 Air filtration


❌ Drain Hose is not included

10. Honeywell TrueDRY Whole House Dehumidifiers


1. Interactive Display
2. Once a year filter cleaning
3. Corrosion resistant coils


Are you on the lookout for an energy-efficient dehumidifier? Honeywell TrueDRY Whole-House dehumidifiers will give you quiet and effective moisture removal. Improve the quality of air that you breathe in and also protect your home and family from the damaging effects of excess moisture and high humidity levels in the environment. Let us learn more about the benefits and features of this 120 pint energy star dehumidifier.

Honeywell TrueDRY whole-house dehumidifiers operate by removing excess moisture from the air and passing it through the HVAC system in your home and sending back filtered and comfortable air back into your house for circulation. The high performance of this dehumidifier guarantees to cover an area of up to 3,600 square feet.

The pints of moisture extracted per day from the air depend on the model purchased. Based on the model you can get a whole-house dehumidifier that can extract 65, 90, or 120 pints per day. The most attractive pro to this dehumidifier is the Energy Star rating. Buying a product that is Energy Star certified will help you to save the trouble of increased utility bills and energy. They are also environment friendly.

These Energy Star certified dehumidifiers allow you to regulate the humidity levels in your environment without causing damage to the device. With a low humidity level, you can turn up a few degrees on the thermostat to have a comfortable atmosphere and still not be worried about the device’s life or energy consumption.

Maintaining consistent humidity levels is now comfortable with the large operating range that Honeywell dehumidifiers offer. They are designed to work in temperatures from 32 to 135 degrees F, which means they can stand up to tough summer days. Other attractive features in this whole house dehumidifier include optimal ventilation, simple user-friendly controls, quick connect ducts, adjustable leveling feet, and MERV air filter system. If you are convinced that this is the best whole house dehumidifier that will meet the requirements to cover large spaces, including basements, crawl spaces, and attics, discuss with the company about their policies thoroughly before purchase.


✔️ Energy Star certified
✔️High capacity


❌ Not Quiet


Make an informed decision by reading our guides and tips. We’ve tried to cover as many models as possible.


Our easy 7 step guide for installing a whole-house dehumidifier

◼️STEP 1: Begin by securing 4 metal hanging rods to wood supports and place the pan into position. Place the new whole-house dehumidifier into the metal pan.

◼️STEP 2: Cut a square hole in the hallway and install the return air grill.

◼️STEP 3: Now, attach the flexible return air duct to the right opening on your dehumidifier. Ensure to secure the duct to the roof’s wood framework using plastic straps. On reaching the return air grill, cut the duct to length and attach it.

◼️STEP 4: Cut a new fitting opening for the air supply system into the air conditioner and connect the flexible air supply duct to the fitting.

◼️STEP 5: Attach the opposite end to your air conditioning duct system and run a condensation line from your dehumidifier to the outdoors.

◼️STEP 6: Install the dehumidifier’s filter.

◼️STEP 7: Mount the humidistat on the wall next to your thermostat.

How to provide whole-house ventilation in a mobile home?

The best way to keep a mobile home ventilated is by using natural ventilation. Open out the windows and vents; wind, air pressure, and buoyancy will help move air around and create natural air movement as well as ventilation. There are also small dehumidifiers available in the market that is compact in size and perfect for RVs and boat. These small dehumidifiers can help to control the humidity in the environment. They have features especially designed to cover a small square foot of area with their limited moisture removal capacity.

We have meticulously considered all the key parameters, specifications, and even customer reviews before offering our expert review on the best dehumidifier buy for whole houses.

Here is our verdict!

Our Verdict

🥇 Winner- High Efficiency Whole House Dehumidifier- Ultra-Aprilaire Whole House Dehumidifier

The 1st place goes to Aprilaire Whole House Dehumidifier. Offering efficient moisture removal with durability, this dehumidifier is the best central dehumidifier that is maintenance-free.

Here are its specifications.

Dimensions – 34 x 15.42 x 18.57 inches
Weight – 64 pounds
Model number– E100C
Volume – 100 pints
Warranty – Five years


FAQ Section

1. How much does it cost to install a whole-house dehumidifier?

The average cost that a homeowner spends to install a whole-house dehumidifier can range between $200 to $1000. The labor rate, service time, model of the product, etc., are other factors that can influence the cost of installation. The location of your home always can affect labor rates

2. Why we should buy Energy Star certified models?

Energy Star is a voluntary program by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dehumidifiers that are Energy Star certified are designed to conserve energy. You will also have REDUCED utility bills by using models that are Energy Star certified.

3. Are whole-house dehumidifiers noisy?

All dehumidifiers are found to be noisy. However, there are models that come with 2 or more fan settings which will generate lesser noise levels. There are plentiful models available in the market that promise whisper-quiet operation. It is recommended that you test the noise level before purchasing the product.

4. What is the best whole house dehumidifier without ducts?

There are dehumidifiers available in the market that are designed to reduce moisture even for homes that do not have air conditioning. Vremi dehumidifier is the best dehumidifier for an entire house without ducts.

Final Words:

Hope our dehumidifier buying guide for the whole house gives you a clear idea of the different features each model comes with.

We recommend that you carefully select dehumidifiers that will suit your location and climatic condition best. The capacity of the product, the area coverage, and the cost largely depend on the requirement of your home.

Check out more reviews on famous dehumidifiers here. Investing in the best dehumidifier for your whole house will be a decision you would not regret.


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