A Definitive Guide For Buying The Best Dehumidifier For Car

Last updated on: July 1, 2024.

A damp car comes with a lot of problems. Keeping the interiors of a car dry and free from moisture and its side effects is important to maintain air quality and the car itself. The market is filled with several options to dehumidify a car successfully. Electric and rechargeable dehumidifiers are available to make dehumidification possible.

Some options like the Barska dehumidifier, Afloia dehumidifier, DampRid rechargeable silica gel dehumidifiers, etc., are options to achieve moisture extraction. In this article, we share the best car dehumidifier choices to make the task of hunting for one easy for you. Let’s get started.

Do dehumidifiers work in cars?

Dehumidifiers help in protecting the car interiors from mold, mildew, and musty odors. You can use both electric and non-electric dehumidifiers.

Which is the best car dehumidifier according to us?

The Afloia Gun Safe Car dehumidifier is one of the best choices available on the market.

How did we select the model?

The list we have in this article has been compiled after analyzing so many models on the market. You can be assured that every car dehumidifier model you find on the list is among the best designs and functions.

Comparing 5 Best Dehumidifiers For Car (July 2024)

Image PRODUCT/ Features Rating  
Our Top Pickafloia dehumidifier Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier✦ 360° circular air inlet
✦ Non-toxic
✦ Renewable
Runner Updamprid dehumidifier DampRid Pure Linen Refillable Absorber✦ Long Lasting
✦ Convenient refills
✦ Eliminates odors
barska dehumidifier BARSKA Safe Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier✦ Humidity Indicator
✦ Safe Accessory
✦ Humidity Absorber
LINXIU Car Dehumidifier LINXIU Dehumidifier Bags✦ Calcium chloride granules
✦ Translucent design
✦ Wide Application
Eva Dry Mini Gun Safe Dehumidifier Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier✦ Easy to use
✦ Durable
✦ Energy Efficient

1. Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier

afloia dehumidifier

First, on the list of the best dehumidifier for cars, we have the Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifiers. This unit is one of the best car dehumidifiers that is perfect for removing moisture from the air, improving the air quality, and keeping the car interior free from moisture damage, musty smells, etc.

The compact design of this car dehumidifier has been specially made to work effectively in any confined space. Getting a comfortable trip inside a car that has tight spaces, can be made possible with this unit, one of the best car dehumidifiers on the market to remove moisture.

One of the highlighted features of Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier for cars is its cylindrical cordless design. Using this car dehumidifier without a power outlet or power source is possible, which is convenient to absorb moisture from the air and the car on the go. The cylindrical design increases the moisture absorption capacity and moisture absorbing area. The 360° air inlet due to this design helps to absorb more moisture from the air in the car.

The unit has been voted one of the best car moisture absorbers because of its renewable silica gel beads. The heating of the silica gel can be done on the PTC heating base for about 2 hours after which it will be ready for reuse. Renewing this mini dehumidifier for cars is simple by viewing the use status through the top window. Moisture absorber like silica gel beads in this dehumidifier is a safe and non-toxic option.

The moisture absorbing capacity of this portable mini dehumidifier for car is 4oz/100ml of moisture per day, with an ability to cover an area of 54 sq. ft. This compact design is perfect for different types of closed spaces like RVs, closets, boats, gun-safe accessory cabinets, larger vehicles, and even small spaces like bookcases or tight spaces like gym bags. Make use of this Alfoia wireless dehumidifier for car to keep the space maintained with the ideal humidity levels, without worrying about water tank spillage and power source.

Does the model meet your expectations from the best car dehumidifiers? If yes, and you are impressed by home the Afloia car dehumidifiers work, hurry now to Amazon.com to bring home this ideal moisture absorber for cars at an exciting offer price.

Pros and Cons of Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier

  1. Ideal wireless dehumidifier for cars to remove excess moisture from the air.
  2. Increased moisture absorbing area owing to its design.
  3. Excellent to keep away damp smell even from small spaces.
  4. Compact dehumidifier for a car that can absorb moisture even from any other confined space like a gym bag, cabinets, bookcases, etc.
  5. Capable of maintaining a completely dry interior (including the seats and keeping the windscreen clear) and dry air in cars and other larger vehicles.
  6. Eco-friendly design.

2. DampRid Moisture Absorber

damprid moisture absorber

On the list, we have next in line the popular DampRid- the best dehumidifier for car. This is one of the trusted and widely used options for moisture absorption in a confined space or small area. DampRid has been used as a car dehumidifier by many customers to keep the interiors of the car free from high humidity and moisture. This also helps in keeping musty smells away and the car air smelling fresh and free of allergens. Whether the odor comes from an excess of moisture buildup or from cat litter, you can ensure that the air within the car is moisture-free and odor free with the moisture-absorbing granules in DampRid.

DampRid comes with refillable granules to absorb moisture from the air. These are similar in function to silica gel and activated charcoal. You can remove the lid and empty out the granules from the moisture absorbing canister and refill the container with new crystals to carry out moisture extraction without interruption.

You will find that a single DampRid container comes with a 10.5-ounce Easy Refill that will last up to 60 days. This makes DampRid one of the most economical and convenient choices as a wireless dehumidifier suitable to use in a car. DampRid working as a car dehumidifier is perfect to maintain a perfectly dry ambiance; in the windscreen, seat, and other interiors of the car. It can be used without power, which is another positive.

Are you happy with how DampRid as car dehumidifiers work? Visit Amazon.com right away to purchase DampRid, one of the best car dehumidifiers.

Pros and Cons of DampRid

  1. Best dehumidifier for car to absorb moisture from the interiors and air.
  2. Smart choice for a wireless dehumidifier.
  3. Comes with refillable moisture-absorbing granules similar to silica gel and activated charcoal.
  4. An eco-friendly car dehumidifier.
  5. Can be used as a car dehumidifier and also for storage containers, cabinets, RVs, boats
  6. Does not require a power outlet or power source and is therefore economical as a car dehumidifier.
  7. Best car dehumidifier to keep the car’s air fresh and allergen free.
  8. A suitable car dehumidifier to keep places dry, including the windscreen, seat, and air.

3. BARSKA Safe Moisture Absorbing Bags

barska car dehumidifier

Next on the list as one of the best car dehumidifiers, we have BARSKA. This is a bag filled with silica gel-like silicon dioxide. This is an excellent choice to absorb moisture from the area and therefore a good car dehumidifier.

This mini dehumidifier is renewable and it can evaporate the moisture it has collected by microwaving it for up to 4 minutes at 600W. This aspect makes this car dehumidifier an eco-friendly choice to carry out dehumidification. It is indeed one of the best dehumidifiers that can keep small areas dry and free from moisture buildup.

This wireless dehumidifier bag can function without a power outlet. This makes it one of the best car dehumidifiers that can keep the space dry when you are on the road. Moreover, BARSKA is not just the best dehumidifier for car but also for any small area. It can be placed in any small space in need of dehumidification, like; as closets, safes, cars, RVs, boats, and other storage containers. When the humidity indicator turns from blue to pink when it reaches its absorption capacity you can simply recharge this car dehumidifier in the microwave and use it again.

Do you want to make to ring home this best dehumidifier for car? If yes, visit Amazon.com right away to purchase this best dehumidifier with an exciting offer price.

Pros and Cons of BARSKA Safe Moisture Absorbing Bag

  1. Rated as one of the best car dehumidifiers by customers.
  2. Best dehumidifier for cars since it comes with a humidity indicator.
  3. The dehumidifier bag model is convenient to use.
  4. A wireless dehumidifier that can function without a power outlet
  5. Excellent choice to keep the windscreen, seat, and other areas in the car free from excess moisture from the air.
  6. BARSKA is one of the best dehumidifiers that is affordable.

4. LINXIU Moisture Absorber Packets

LINXIU Car Dehumidifier

The best dehumidifier for car that we have next on the list is LINXIU Moisture Absorber Packets. These fragrance-free hanging dehumidifiers are an easy and effective choice to keep moisture at bay in a car. This wireless dehumidifier can be used in any small area, including cabinets, boats, RVs, and gym bags. This car dehumidifier comes with a 500ml / pack capacity.

This best dehumidifier is filled with Calcium chloride. Removing unpleasant odors and dampness can be carried out efficiently by this best LINXIU car dehumidifier.

The interesting feature of this car dehumidifier is the translucent design that lets you observe water being collected. The strong hooks on the bag make it easy and convenient to hang this car dehumidifier at any spot.

Does this design meet your expectations from the best car dehumidifiers? Visit Amazon.com right away to buy the LINXIU car dehumidifier at the best offer price.

Pros and Cons of LINXIU Moisture Absorber Packets

  1. One of the best car dehumidifiers that is convenient to use.
  2. The simple and elegant design of this car dehumidifier makes it easy to be used in any small space.
  3. Suitable choice for car dehumidifiers that are cost effective.

5. Eva Dry 333 Cubic Foot Mini Dehumidifier

Eva Dry Mini Dehumidifier

As the final product on the list, we have Eva Dry 333 Cubic Foot Mini Dehumidifier. This mini dehumidifier has been rated as one of the best car dehumidifiers because of its mess-free ability to handle excess humidity. The excess moisture content from the environment is taken care of effortlessly by the Eva Dry moisture absorbing bags. Let us look further into the features of this moisture absorber that makes it the best dehumidifier for car.

The design of this car dehumidifier is convenient for use, which is quite similar to moisture-absorbing bags. It is ideal as a car dehumidifier because it can absorb moisture on the go. It is 100% renewable which means the silica gel beads can be recharged and reused to keep the car air free from humidity and excess moisture. Getting dry air and improved air quality within the car will longer be a cause of concern with this best car dehumidifier. You can be assured of completely dry seats, keep the windscreen clear, and even a car that is free of musty smells (whether it is from excess moisture from the air or cat litter).

The compact dehumidifier for cars is also the perfect choice to remove moisture without making noise. It is not just one of the best car dehumidifiers but is also a great choice for removing moisture from any confined space like cabinets, gym bags, closets, RVs, storage containers, etc. Another feature that makes the Eva Dry model one of the popular car dehumidifiers available in the market is its ability to work in areas without a power outlet. Since it is rechargeable, it can be operated in any place that does not have access to a power source or batteries where moisture-absorbing bags will serve helpful.

The dehumidifier bag design of Eva Dry makes it simple and hassle-free to use, without the need to empty the water container. If you are looking to keep your car dry, and free from damp smell and other hazards of excess moisture, this unit is the best moisture absorber for you. Visit Amazon.com to avail exciting offers on the cost of this best dehumidifier for car.

Pros and Cons of Eva Dry 333 Cubic Foot Mini Dehumidifier

  1. One of the best car dehumidifiers that are recommended to remove moisture and musty smells.
  2. An elegant wireless dehumidifier bag-like design that can absorb moisture even from small spaces.
  3. Highly preferred car dehumidifiers that come with silica gel beads to absorb moisture.
  4. Assured to keep the car interior dry with this car dehumidifier bag- like Eva Dry dehumidifier.
  5. Makes sure that the windscreen, seat, and all areas are kept free from moisture damage.
  6. Excellent system to have a dry interior without water droplets.
  7. An eco-friendly and perfectly hassle-free way to absorb moisture without using a water reservoir.
  8. No batteries or power source is required to operate.

What humidity to set the dehumidifier in a car?

Setting the car dehumidifier to the right temperature and humidity is important to keep the car free from rust, dust, allergens, and excess moisture content. It is recommended that car dehumidifiers have to be set to maintain a temperature of 24°C (75°F) and 45% relative humidity. Car dehumidifiers that were set to this level could effortlessly keep the car free from excess water content and its hazards.

How do you know if you have mold in the car?

mold in car

The first signs of mold growth or hidden mold growth in the car are moldy or musty odor. You might also notice a sudden rise in allergies, difficulty breathing, and other health symptoms.

4 Best Ways To Dry Your Car

Do you want to dry out the interiors of your car completely? Here are 4 easy techniques to achieve it.

  1. Vacuuming the interior of the car can get out all the water content from it. It is highly effective to remove water from rain or flood damage.
  2. Large towels can also be used to soak up the water from the floors and mats, and also the seats.
  3. Using small portable fans inside the fan is another effective way to speed up the drying process.
  4. A small portable car dehumidifier is the best solution to not just extract the water content from the car, but a car dehumidifier also aids in maintaining the ideal humidity level that can prevent the damages that arise from them.

Our Verdict

Winner- Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifiers

The winner from the list of the best dehumidifier for cars is the Afloia Gun Safe dehumidifier. This car dehumidifier has several simple but effective features that make it the best dehumidifier for a car. The cylindrical design to carry out increased moisture absorption, the ability to work in areas without a power outlet, the renewable granules similar to silica gel, etc., are the reasons that make this model the best dehumidifier for car.

Runner – DampRid Pure Linen Refillable Absorber

The runner on the list is DampRid. The silica gel in DampRid is easily rechargeable making it a cost-effective and mess-free car dehumidifier.

Budget Pick- BARSKA Safe Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier

The best budget car dehumidifier is BARSKA Moisture Absorbers. The small pillow-shaped bags are convenient to be placed in any compact region. This car dehumidifier also comes with a humidity indicator that makes it easy to keep track of the level of absorption that has taken place.

FAQ Section

1. Does car air conditioning dehumidify?

Yes, car air conditioning can dehumidify. Turning on the air conditioner when the warm air is used to defrost the windscreen, will help to dehumidify the air.

2. How long do car dehumidifiers last?

A rechargeable car dehumidifier can last for a two-month period. During this time it could be recharged 4 times. Remember this depends on the humidity level of the area and can vary.

3. Where should you place car dehumidifiers?

Experts recommend that a silica gel dehumidifier or even an electric dehumidifier should be placed close to the windscreen. This is the best spot where it can absorb the most humidity.

4. Does DampRid work in cars?

Yes, DampRid is an easy-to-use and economical car dehumidifier.

Final Words:

With this, we have reached the end of the article. We trust you found the list of the best dehumidifiers for a car helpful and you were able to find the car dehumidifier that will meet your needs. Share with us your experiences in using a car dehumidifier and the one that best works for you.


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